Travellers reveal their strangest in-flight horror stories

Travellers' strangest in-flight experiences

Boarding a flight feels like the beginning of a big adventure, well, most of the time. Sometimes, an in-flight experience can be a little less than ideal, though. From the weird and wacky to the plain unfortunate, here are some horrifying in-flight stories you’ll be happy didn’t happen to you.

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1. Radioactive worries

Travellers' strangest in-flight experiences

“I [was] on a plane with my family and a stranger threw up all over the aisle. A few minutes later someone in a Hazmat suit came over to clean it up. I am still afraid that I was exposed to radioactive vomit,” said Reddit user, Pool_Shark.

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2. Entertainment woes

Travellers' strangest in-flight experiences

“Not the worst thing ever, but my ipod stopped working just as I was sitting in my seat and I had no other entertainment for a cross country flight,” complains nachonight. “They didn’t even show a movie. I just had to sit there and reread the inflight magazine or do nothing.”

3. Head dreaded cold

“I have flown with a cold once and it was the first and last time,” says LueyCharles. “I should have known better – [my boyfriend] is an engineer for an airline and warned me. Anyways. Made every deal under the sun to whatever higher power I decided existed at that point to ensure my eardrums did not pop and my head explode. Extremely painful. Would not recommend. Thank god it was a short flight.”

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4. In the face

“Being squirted by a woman’s breast milk as her baby was breastfeeding,” says an anonymous traveller.

5. Startled sleep

“On a flight from Austin, the little kid (probably age 6) in front of me fell asleep in his seat. While sleeping, his bladder let go and it dripped all over my feet. My wife saw me startle when I first felt it, and reportedly, the look of horror on my face attracted the flight attendant,” another anonymous travellers said.

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6. Impurrfect passenger

Travellers' strangest in-flight experiences

“My dad’s a captain and after 20+ years he’s had a lot of crazy experiences. But the worst (or awesomest, depending on whether you are him dealing with it at the time or me laughing about it) was the flight attendant letting him know that passengers were complaining about a woman who was in her seat breastfeeding her cat,” reveals Miparasito.

7. Mum’s fault

“I had a little kid throw up on me on takeoff. I don’t blame the kid for getting sick but his mom didn’t request that I switch seats with her until after he befouled my clothing,” said Swing9this. “I got free drinks out of it, but came off the plane so drunk I definitely looked like I had drank too much on the plane and thrown up on myself.”

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8. Hold the applause

Travellers' strangest in-flight experiences

“Landed with no issues, some people clapped. I hate that nonsense,” says Orbak.

Do you have any in-flight horror stories to add? Share them with us in the comments section below. 

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