The important safety reason you should pack a bag of corn chips when camping

Why you should always pack a bag of corn chips on a camping trip

There’s nothing quite like sitting around on a camping trip, taking in the sites and reconnecting with nature, all while eating some snacks. But did you know that those delicious packets of corn chips are more than just a tasty snack?

They can actually get you out of a bit of a pickle while on a camping trip, so it really does pay to pack them before you head out into the wilderness.

It has actually been found that corn chips are flammable and can act as a starting agent when lighting a fire.

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People have taken to the internet to share their concern about why their chips can be set alight, but there’s no cause for alarm because there are many foods that are flammable.

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According to this video, the chips are flammable because they are carbon-based wafers that are then covered in an oil and hydrocarbon, both of which are flammable, making it set fire when lit.

But there’s no cause for alarm, because it would take about two giant-sized packets of chips to cook one steak.

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But if you do want to light a fire or have a barbecue while on holiday and run out of a starter fluid, then why not just use your packet of Doritos. Unless you eat them first!

This can also come in handy if you find yourself without heat and unable to build a fire. Simply light up your corn chips and you’ll be kept safe and warm throughout the night.

The great thing is, almost all chips are flammable, so chances are you’re going to have at least one packet lying around when you go away. Unless you eat them first.

Have you ever tried this tip before? Let us know in the comments section below.

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