The emergency travel backup you can’t afford to leave behind


Losing something important or having it stolen when on holiday is every traveller’s nightmare, but those who like to plan for the worst are often in a better position if there’s an emergency.

If you lose your wallet while overseas, there’s one thing you can buy before you go that can tide you over as a backup until you can contact your bank and travel insurer.

If you purchase a prepaid credit card such as a Visa gift card or MasterCard gift card with $100 or $200 loaded onto it and store it in your luggage, it acts as a great backup that isn’t linked to your bank accounts if you have to close them.

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Another great thing about a prepaid credit card is that if you lose this card or it gets stolen, while it is devastating to lose money, it won’t be as bad as losing your wallet.

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To avoid having your valuables stolen, always have them on you, preferably secured in a zip-up bag or money wallet fastened to your body. Don’t keep valuables in the exterior pockets of backpacks where pickpockets can easily access them, or where they can fall out if the zip comes undone.

It’s a good idea to also keep your wallet in the same spot every day, that way there’s no confusion as to where it is from day-to-day and you can act quicker once you realise it’s missing.

Be sure to activate your prepaid credit card before you go on holiday.

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Are you a happy-go-lucky traveller or do you always plan for the worst? Let us know in the comments. 

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