Seven people who’ve had enough of the supermoon

Supermoon 2016

It has been a big year of change and unpredictability, 2016. First there was Brexit, then there was was Donald Trump’s election, and now there’s the supermoon!

There have been few events in recent history that have been as disappointing as the supermoon. There was just so much hype and expectation surrounding the moon and its apparent incredible closeness to the earth, that it was bound to end up in disappointment. It seems like the supermoon is not so super after all.

There’s already been one supermoon in 2016 and now there’s another one expected on December 13. But not everyone is falling for the hype this time.

Officially known as a ‘perigee’ moon, the phenomenon occurs when the moon comes particularly close to the earth. Last time around, in November, NASA said the appearance would be “the closest full moon to date in the 21st century”.

But just because it was close, didn’t mean the view was particularly impressive. This time around, though, people aren’t holding their breath. They much more skeptical and much less likely to race home to grab the camera to get the perfect shot. Here are just seven people who have had absolute enough of the supermoon.

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1. This person refuses to be swept up in the romanticism of the supermoon again:


A photo posted by Brandi Stevens-Valenzuela (@brandolina73) on

2. This one, who discovered you can always use a paper lantern to get the same effect:

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When the weather's too crap to see the real supermoon, make your own #fakesupermoon #papermoon #reflection

A photo posted by Theresa Moerman-Ib (@tmoermanib) on

3. Or, a large round lightbulb does the trick nicely, too:

There's supermoon inside tropical hut! 🙊 #FakeSuperMoon #Bored

A photo posted by Jetti (@iam_jetti) on

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4. Photoshop is always a good way of creating a completely believable photo of you enjoying the supermoon in all its glory:

Didn't realize it was gonna be this close!

A photo posted by Angelo (@angeloyap) on

5. Some people are blaming the weather for the letdown:

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Best Moon pic I got #lunareclipse #fakesupermoon #notevenbig

A photo posted by Nathan Battle (@battlenathan) on

6. Others are just getting ready for a full year of disappointments:

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7. But for some it was hard to deal with the disappointment because expectation was set so high:

What do you think? Is there too much hype around the supermoon? Have you had enough, too? Let us know in the comments section below.

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