People are going crazy for this wedding-crashing beluga whale

This creature was having a whale of a time at a wedding.

No bride likes to be upstaged on their wedding day. But when it comes to an uninvited quest like this one, you might make an exception.

During a wedding ceremony at Mystic Seaport on Connecticut, US, a bride was upstaged by a curious beluga whale. A photo was snapped of the whale getting up close as the bride and groom were in the process of saying ‘I do’.

All's whale that end's whale. Image via Reddit.
All’s whale that end’s whale. Image via Reddit.


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While the photo itself caused a lot of interest on the internet, that too has been upstaged… by a series of photoshopped versions of the image. A Photoshop battle took over on Reddit, with hilarious results. Comments included Will Ferrell movie waiting to happen, 

See some of the best examples here: 

I will tell you if there is a wedding. Wedding!

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Under The Sea

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That’s one way to make up a unique wedding album, that’s for sure.

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Did you know:

  • The beluga whale is also called a white whale.
  • It is one of the smallest species of whale.
  • They live on average 35-50 years.
  • They can grow up to 20 ft long and as small as 13ft.
  • The calves are born grey in colour and fade to white around five years of age.
  • They have no dorsal fin.
  • Belugas can mimic a variety of sounds.
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