My favourite spots in Western Australia


AAT Kings travel director Liz tells us about her favourite spots in WA – and why she loves her job.

Tell us a little bit about what you enjoy most about your role as an AAT Kings Travel Director?

It’s an absolute pleasure to have the opportunity to take so many different people from all over

Australia and the rest of the world to destinations that capture the vastness of this timeless land. It can just take your breath away!

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Do you have any particularly memorable travel stories or guests you can tell us about?

Yes. We certainly do have some amazing guests that have travelled before with AAT Kings not just once or twice but several times. One character that does come to mind would have to be a guest from Moree NSW who sold his business a few years ago and has since been travelling all over. I had a chance to chat to him on our Kimberley trip from Broome to Darwin and he’d been on lots of AAT Kings trips and enjoyed them all which is always great to hear.

What aspects of WA are you most passionate about?

There are simply so many! I really believe the vast rugged Kimberley is a must do and the immense Karri tree forests of the South West are also magnificent. Not to be outdone by the wildflowers either with an astounding number of different flowering plants during the season.

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What would you say is the AAT Kings difference and why would you encourage people to travel to WA?

We deliver smiles and first and foremost we care about our guests. Not only do we deliver great service but we also strive to make you feel like you are part of the AAT Kings family. There are so many things to choose from in WA it’s easy, it all just depends on what you fancy! From rugged remoteness and empty beaches to bustling towns…it’s all very different but all very beautiful.

If you had to single out one place in WA which is your favourite hidden gem/ local recommendation what would it be and why?

The Ord River cruise in The Kimberley. Why? It’s just an amazing experience.

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What are your top 4 favourite stops that you like to visit when on tour?

Albany, Perth, Freo and Kununurra.


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