How to keep your food cold in a hotel room without a fridge

How to keep your food cold in a hotel room without a fridge

One of the many great ways to save money on your accommodation is to book a hotel room that doesn’t have a kitchen. But what if you want to prepare food in your room, to save even more money for your travels? Well, there is a way you can keep food chilled in your hotel room and it doesn’t involve a fridge. 

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If you’re buying perishable food items and want to store them during your stay, you might think you’ll need to organise a mini bar fridge of some sort. But that’s not the case. For just a few dollars you can keep your perishable foods cold and it won’t cost you more than a few dollars.

It’s as easy as buying a few large zip-lock bags, getting your hands on some ice and plugging the sink. Firstly, you want to plug the sink and place the ice on top. Then pop your perishables into the zip-lock bags and place them on top of the ice. This will stop the food from getting sopping wet as the ice melts.

The great thing with hotels is, that they usually have a bar, restaurant or kitchen on site, so you’ll easily be able to order some ice up to your room.

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The ice and cold water will keep your food nice and chilled at least for 12 hours. This neat hotel room hack is particularly good if you’re struggling with space and aren’t able to bring a small esky, ice bucket or cooler with you.

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Alternatively, if you’re travelling to a particularly cold part of the world, you could just make sure you book a hotel room with a balcony.

That way you can simply leave all your perishable food products outside for the evening and no doubt they’ll be ice-cold, if not absolutely frozen, the next morning.

Have you tried this tip before? Or, do you have any other hotel tips to offer? Let us know in the comments section below.

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