How to have the perfect holiday in your hometown

Holiday in your hometown

Whether you’re on a budget, are afraid of flying or would just prefer to be close to family and friends, there are many ways to have a holiday without venturing too far from home. Not only is it potentially a much more budget-conscious way to travel, but it’s also a fantastic way to get out and explore some of the best places in your own suburb and surrounding areas. Here’s how to have the perfect holiday in your hometown.

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1. Book a night in a hotel or bed and breakfast

One of the easiest ways to really feel like you’re on holiday, even if you’re a quick drive up the road, is to find a budget-friendly hotel option. Try to get something in your price range, then once you arrive you can pop on a robe, order room service or simply snuggle up in the hotel bed with a book or watch a movie. You’ll feel that holiday vibe in no time.

2. Spruce up the home

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If your budget doesn’t allow for a night away in a hotel, then why not turn your home into a luxurious retreat for the night. Turn down the lights, light some candles, make your favourite food, put on some music and pour yourself a drink. If family and friends are around, you might want to bring out the board games, if it’s just you, or you and a partner or friend, then have a relaxing night in over a meal and some nice conversation.

3. Look for local parks and gardens

There are hundreds of national parks and botanic gardens around the country and one of the best ways to have a holiday in your hometown is to plan a day out at one of your favourites in your area. You might not have to travel far at all to see what beautiful plants and flowers there are in the world.

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4. Head along to an art gallery or museum

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Galleries and museums have exhibitions and events that are constantly changing. Do a little research and find out what is on display at the locations near you. Perhaps you’d like to see an art show, even if you’re not interested in the arts. It’s a great way to get out and experience different cultures and forms of expression.

5. Find out about free local events

Aside from art exhibitions and museum, there are many locations around the country that host free events that you can discover, even if you’re on a budget. Do a search for free events in your city or suburb to see how you can spend your budget-friendly staycation.

6. Jump on the train and see where it takes you

There’s something so exciting about going on a trip and having no plans about where you’re going or what you’ll do there. Why not jump on the train and jump off whenever the mood strikes. Perhaps you’d like to jump off at the end of the line, have a cuppa and then turn around and come back. It’s a great way of seeing your own backyard, without too much effort or forethought.

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7. Host a dinner party

One of the greatest things about travelling is meeting people from all around the world. But if you can’t go to the people, make them come to you! Organise a dinner party for you and your friends. And if you want to meet new people, ask everyone to bring a person that you haven’t met before, so you’ll get the opportunity to meet people anyway.

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8. Join a free guided tour

Many of the major cities and towns around the country have free guided tours throughout the day, and just because you’re a local doesn’t mean you can’t join in on them, too. Simply signup and head along. You might just learn something new about your hometown.

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9. Stock up on books from the library

Once you’re ready to relax at home with a good book, head along to your local library and borrow a whole variety of books that you’ve always wanted to read but haven’t quite managed to find the time to just yet. They’re sure to keep you busy during your holiday in your hometown.

What else could you do on a holiday in your hometown? Share your ideas with us in the comments section below. 

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