How to get your liquids through airport security… legally

Bringing liquids through airport security

Airport security has taken a turn in the recent decades, and with added security comes more restrictions. And while there are restrictions to taking liquids on a flight, there are some rules and regulations that people don’t know about. Here are some of the ways you can get through airport security with liquids that you didn’t even know about. And, don’t worry, everything is absolutely legal, just be sure to check with your specific flight provider first, as many carriers have different rules, depending on the company and country of service.

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1. Frozen items

You may not have known this, but you can actually bring liquids through airport security if they are frozen. So if you really want to pack a bottle of cold water, rather than paying for one at the airport, then just remember to pop a bottle in the freezer before you leave. According to the Transport Security Administration, frozen liquids are allowed through airport security, just as long as they’re solid when going in to be screened.

2. For the kids

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If you’re travelling with family and small grandchildren, then you might not think that it’s possible to bring a bottle of milk or liquids through the security gate, but luckily it is. If you are travelling with infants and want to bring liquids through security, usually all it takes is a conversation with the security staff to explain the situation. They’ll usually just bring you aside and check the liquids before letting you through.

3. Alcohol

Good news, travellers. You can actually carry 3.4 ounce bottles of alcohol in your carry-on. Just pop them into a zip-lock bag. As long as it fits with the carrier carry-on luggage requirements, you’re good to go. But just remember, you can avoid the hassle and just buy your beverages once you get on board.

4. Bring a bottle

If you’re not interested in freezing your bottle of water to get it through airport security, you can always bring an empty bottle and then fill it up at one of the bubblers on the other side. This means that you get your bottled water, and don’t have to pay upwards of $5 for the privilege.

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5. The restroom

Granted, this is not necessarily a tip about getting liquid onto a plane, but more about what to do with it once your flight has landed. As you can imaging, the very first restroom you encounter at the airport after you disembark your flight is likely to be the busiest, if you keep walking and go to the second restroom you come across, you’re likely to have much more luck with a much shorter queue.

Do you have any tips about flying with liquids and getting your liquids through airport security? Let us know in the comments section below.

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