How a sanitary pad can become a handy travel accessory

How a sanitary pad can become a handy travel accessory

Sure, sanitary pads are great for incontinence issues and leaky bladder problems, but these floral-wrapped pads can actually come in handy on your next holiday.

Not to worry if you don’t have any lying around, simply pop up to the supermarket and purchase a small packet of them. You want to make sure that you buy the variety that are individually wrapped in plastic packaging.

Now, all you need to do is pop one in your bag before you leave. Why? Well, how often have you travelled overseas and worried about having your items robbed from you? Or perhaps you’ve spent the day at the beach and were too worried to leave your wallet in your bag on your towel while you went into the water.

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Well, thanks to the humble sanitary pad, you can now protect your items without anyone knowing your valuables are even there.

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All you have to do is open up one of the sanitary napkins, place your cash, cards, whatever else you like, in there and then fold it back up.

Not only does it look like a completely ordinary pad, but you’re not going to have any trouble at all with someone going through your things and stealing your panty liners from you.

This is also a great idea if you’re travelling through some more remote parts of the world and are worried about having your wallet stolen from you. You can place all your valuables into the sanitary napkin, and if someone does happen to steal your “decoy” wallet, then at least you won’t have to worry about them taking anything of value.

Have you tried this before? Or perhaps you have some other tips to share with us? Let us know in the comments section below.

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