How a paperclip can stop you from getting robbed on holiday

How a paperclip can stop you from getting robbed on holiday

If it was at all possible to eliminate the possibility of theft occurring while on a holiday, then we’d all feel a lot less stressed and worried while away. But thankfully, for our own peace of mind and safety, there are measures we travellers can take before we go on a trip, and taking a paperclip with you is a great first step.

If you’re worried about your items in your suitcase or carry-on luggage getting stolen while you’re on a flight, railway journey, or cruise, then this tip is going to be a great way to calm those nerves.

All you have to do is use a paperclip and thread it through the zipper holes on your luggage. Now, yes, you can pop down to the shops and purchase a lock to put on your suitcase, but if you have two or three bags with several zippers then the price tag is going to creep up pretty quickly.

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But with the paperclip, while it is not completely secure, it will deter people from lingering around your bag and taking something from it.

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This is also a great idea if buying a set of locks has completely slipped your mind before a big trip. If you forget the paperclips, too, you can always ask around at the airport if one of the ground staff has a spare clip you can use.

If you do use this option, then be sure to bring a packet of paperclips with you so when you open the paperclip up, you can simply use a new one, rather than worrying about the clip losing its shape.

Have you tried this tip before? Let us know if you have any other helpful hacks to share with us in the comments section below.

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