Holidaying Grandma shows you can never be too old to party

Grandma Doreen has become an internet sensation after she was filmed downing shots with some spring breakers while on holiday in Mexico. Source: Twitter

Spring break is like the American version of schoolies. But if you thought it was for only young people, you’re mistaken!

One holidaying Grandma has been captured on video showing a few of the young spring breakers how to party — and she wasn’t holding back!

Grandma Doreen, as she’s been affectionately dubbed, has won the admiration of tens of thousands of people on social media after she was filmed taking shots of alcohol with a group of younger women she met on a holiday in Mexico.

Doreen even took a photo of her escapades, captioning it with the words “Shots with the girls!”

Her granddaughter Payton shared the photo on Twitter, where one of the girls in the photo saw it and posted the video!

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Anna Maria, who appears in the video responded by saying Doreen was “so sweet”.

“I’m so glad we met her she was so sweet and told us all about you and your brother” she wrote.

Anybody who said older travellers don’t know how to have a good time or party certainly hasn’t met Doreen before.

Nobody said you need to have a drink to have a good time, but as they say, when in Rome…

Check out the video below, this holidaying grandma certainly shows how the younger girls how to party!

What about you? Are you a bit of a party animal, too?

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