Here’s why you should always wear a jacket through airport security

Why you should wear a jacket through airport security

Going through airport security might be one of the least enjoyable parts of a holiday, but it can be done quickly and easily, especially if you use this handy tip.

Have you ever walked through airport security and spent time trying to place your phone, passport, tickets, loose change, belt, keys and other bits and pieces away into one of those big plastic tubs? Only to find that you’re holding up the rest of the line trying to get through the gate?

Well, now you can avoid those feelings of frustration, simply by wearing a jacket.

The next time you walk through airport security, instead of reaching for the tub straight away, just make sure that all your items are stuffed into all your jacket pockets, then place the whole jacket into the tub.

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That way, when you get to the other side, you don’t have to worry about leaving anything behind, or dropping anything as you try to put it away again.

You can look back at all the other poor sods who are still fumbling with their items and trying to scoop them all out of their plastic tubs in a timely manner.

All you have to do is fling that jacket over your shoulder and be on your way, walking straight to your departure lounge or gate, ready to start your holiday without any stress or worry.

Who knew a smooth airport security experience could be so easy?

Have you tried this trip before? Or perhaps you have another to share? Let us know in the comments section below.

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