Flights as you know it will change with airline’s latest addition

Dimmable windows introduced on Qantas flights

If you’ve ever sat next to someone on a plane who refuses to close the window shutter while you’re trying to sleep then you can understand why some people are excited to hear about the new electronic windows set to be introduced on some Qantas planes.

The airline announced this week that they will be rolling out aircrafts with dimmable windows that both passengers and cabin crew can adjust.

“Dimmable windows were introduced as a means to connect the flying public to the magic of flying so that no matter what the ‘darkness’ level a passenger can still see the view outside, like looking through sunglasses, as an analogy,” Rachelle N. Ornan-Stone, a design researcher at The Boeing Company, told Travel at 60.

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Not only will the shutters be long gone, but a new technological enhancement will be rolled out instead.

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“A conductive gel is sandwiched between two pieces of glass so that with increasing levels of electric current, the gel gets darker,” she said.

“Passengers no longer have to quibble with control over the window, and best of all, a middle seated passenger can easily see outside the cabin because of the window’s size and positioning in the cabin.”

If you’re wondering why dimmable plane windows are so important, it’s for the cabin, crew and passengers to stay alert if an emergency was to occur.

“In case of an emergency, cabin crew need to decide which side of the aircraft is safest to disembark from,” Peter Gibson from the Civil Aviation Safety authority told Business Insider Australia.

“Leaving the window shade up allows them to make a quick call.”

What do you think of the new dimmable windows? Let us know in the comments section below.

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