Butterfly migration turns Queensland into fairytale land

Do you notice heaps of butterflies roaming the skies? That because millions upon millions of butterflies have descended upon South East Queensland for a migration phenomenon.

If you have been witnessing the magical phenomenon, you are lucky because the event only happens every six to 10 years. Each time, millions of Caper White Butterflies migrate from west of the Great Dividing Range to breed.

Brisbane Butterfly Farmer Ross Kendall said the increased number of butterflies across Brisbane could be attributed to good rainfall out west.

“If the season is right out west of the divide they breed up into the millions,” he said to Herald Sun.

“Last year we didn’t get a big migration, but I think we are seeing more because of good rain out west.”

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Mr Kendall told The Courier-Mail residents should expect to see the butterflies for at least the next “month or two.”

“Undoubtedly there is tens of millions of them currently flying up and down the east coast,” he said.

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“Their big migration is usually in late October to early November, and they will continue breeding until the season’s over.”

According to Mr Kendall, this is not the first time Brisbane had experienced the butterfly phenomena.

“I remember about 10 years ago we had another massive migration,” he said.

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“People were complaining that their windscreens were getting covered with splattered butterflies and they were getting into their cars through the radiators.”

Did you witness the beautiful phenomenon? 

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