Burnt banana split camping recipe

Banana campfire recipe

If you’ve got a sweet tooth but can’t get enough of a sugar fix while you’re on a camping trip, then this simple dessert recipe will have you salivating.

Not only is this recipe deliciously simple, but it also makes use of the best part of the whole camping experience: the campfire.

You might be tempted to save this one for yourself, but it’s a great little dessert to do with the grandkids if you’re travelling with the extended family, or just to enjoy with your camp crew when you need something with a bit of gooey sweetness.

#CampfireBananas for dessert. And it's something I can actually eat most of!

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  • Bunch of banana (one banana per person)
  • Block of your favourite chocolate
  • Packet of small marshmallows
  • Packet of wafer biscuits


  1. Split the peel open along the inside of the banana.
  2. Stuff with your favourite treats, including chocolate, marshmallows and pieces of wafer for a bit of crunch.
  3. Wrapped the stuffed bananas with a sheet of foil and then place close to the campfire. The ingredients will become a melted mess of deliciousness and if you prepare them while dinner is cooking, they’ll be ready to eat once it’s time for dessert. You could always add a bit of chocolate sauce and some cream if you’re feeling really indulgent.

Do you have any favourite camping recipes you’d love to share with us? Let us know in the comments section below.

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