Beautiful tiny houses that will tempt you to hit the road

Portable tiny homes are becoming a new trend for Aussie travellers over-60, including Grey Nomads.

Many Australian over-60s hit the road as Grey Nomads, and they’re proud of it.

For months and years on end they hitch up their caravans or jump in their motor homes and hit the road, exploring all that Australian has to offer.

But there’s a new trend out there, and it’s seeing some Grey Nomads switch from caravans to something a little more quirky.

While a lot of Grey Nomads hit the road in caravans that function just as well as houses, they don’t always look like a home.

And that’s where portable tiny houses are becoming a popular choice.

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Many of us have heard about the tiny house craze, where people (especially Baby Boomers) buy a very small house on a block of land and live in the one spot.

But the trend has now extended to portable tiny homes — much like the horse-drawn gypsy coaches seen in the UK and Europe.

Portable tiny homes are the big thing in the US at the moment, and that’s extending here to Australia, too.

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So, how does a tiny house differ from a caravan or motor home?

Well, a portable tiny house is pretty similar to caravan because a) you can tow it and b) it’s a home on wheels.

But the big difference is that a portable tiny home actually looks like a little house on wheels. Some of them have a second story or mezzanine level for sleeping, as well as full little kitchens and bathrooms.

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With everyone downsizing to little units or caravans, portable tiny homes are a great blend of the two. They look like a home, feel like a home and you can take them on the road with you. Apparently, they are perfect for homebodies who also love to travel!

What do you think? Are you a Grey Nomad? Would you love to travel around with a portable tiny home?

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