5 Countries that don’t celebrate Christmas

Countries that don't celebrate Christmas

If you’re more likely to say bah humbug than merry Christmas during the silly season, then you might be happy to know about these countries. Visit during the holiday season and you’ll find that your holiday experience won’t be ruined by tinsel, Chrissy decorations, carols and the dreaded mistletoe. Here are a few countries that don’t celebrate Christmas, and are great options for a holiday if you just can’t be bothered with all that Christmas cheer this year.

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1. Thailand

Countries that don't celebrate Christmas

Christmas is not a recognised holiday in Thailand and is not widely celebrated but some decoration can still be found in popular tourist destinations like Bangkok, but that’s just a commercial and cultural addition for the many Aussie tourists in the country. Stay out of the main tourist hotspots and you’ll find no trace of Christmas.

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2. Russia

Countries that don't celebrate Christmas - Russia

If you travel to Russia during December you won’t have to worry about their Christmas celebrations getting in the way of your travels, because they actually celebrate in January.

3. Morocco

Countries that don't celebrate Christmas - Morocco

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Christmas is generally not celebrated in Muslim countries like Morocco, so instead of Christmas light and carols, you’re likely to see brightly coloured lanterns and hear the sounds of the call to prayer instead.

4. Iran

Countries that don't celebrate Christmas

Similar to Morocco, Iran is a Muslim country so there are no Christmas trees and lights to fill up the streets, but there are around 150,000 Christians in the country, so there are church services during Christmas and even Muslim families have began buying presents for their children and even buying a Christmas tree. But, not to worry, the Christmas cheer can be avoid here easily.

5. China

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Countries that don't celebrate Christmas

What China lacks in Christmas celebrations, it certainly makes up for it with their Chinese New Year festivities. Christmas isn’t a national holiday and schools and stores stay open during this time. So not to worry about the holiday getting in the way of your vacation. Thank goodness!

What other countries have you heard of that don’t celebrate Christmas? Let us know in the comments section below.

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