15 photos that will inspire you to go to Vanuatu

Photos that will inspire you to go to Vanuatu

Made up of around 80 different islands that span 1,300km, Vanuatu is a country of tropical weather, historical significance and friendly locals. Whether you’re a traveller seeking a new adventure or a retiree looking to lap up a bit of leisure, Vanuatu is a gateway to Pacific Island indulgence. There are pristine waters to swim in, world-class diving opportunities and live volcanos to climb. If Vanuatu has been on your radar for a while now, then these photos are sure to reignite your sense of adventure and inspire you to visit this beautiful country.

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1. The Siri Cascade in Gaua are picture perfect:

#gaua #gauawaterfall #waterfall #worksucks #islandlife #vanuatu

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2. Catching the little red boat is the only way on or off Nguna Island:

3. You’ll be dreaming of Vanuatu cruising long after your trip is over:

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4. You’ll never want to leave such a picture-perfect location:

#vanuatu #mysteryisland #worksucks #tryingtomakenataliejealous #shortstrip #aneityum

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5. Pop the champagne and get ready to cruise:

Champagne Bay 🍾 | #vanuatu #travel #tbt #cruise

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6. It’s all about the simple life over here:

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7. Learn about the local culture through art and performance:

#Luganville #Santo #Vanuatu #culturalperformers #cruising #islandlife🌴 #tropical #grassskirts

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8. Not just any old waterfall, look at the man in the bottom left corner to get an idea of the scale:

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9. Now this is the life!

Next on the list ?!😱 Check out this stunning island in Vanuatu 🙌🏼🌴🌺 Facebook: Iririki Island Resort #iririki #iririkiisland #vanuatu

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10. No, this isn’t the surface of the moon, but Mount Yasur volcano:

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11. Just don’t get too close:

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12. Don’t forget a trip to Mystery Island:

13. And the markets in the Port Villa:

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14. Beautiful by day:

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15. And equally spectacular by night:

Have these photos inspired you to visit Vanuatu? Or perhaps you’ve already been? Let us know in the comments section below.

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