All aboard! 5 incredible train journeys to satisfy your travel bug

Apr 26, 2019
As rail tours go, Trans Siberian is the best when it comes to adventure. Source: Getty

There’s something romantic about jumping aboard a train and watching the countryside whizz past from the comfort of your seat. But train travel isn’t just charming, it’s also one of the most cost-effective ways to travel.

If you want to see the world, but want to do it in comfort, style and with a bit of a pizzazz without blowing your budget, then take a look as these five unforgettable train journeys.

Rocky Mountaineer, Canada

If you’re one for scenic railway adventures, stepping onto the Rocky Mountaineer is one of the best ways to experience Canada. Aside from the stunning natural beauty of the mountains and rivers gliding by your window, you also might be lucky enough to spot black bears, grizzlies and eagles along the way. The company organises unforgettable trips through the Canadian Rockies and across British Columbia, Alberta and the US state of Washington, so there’s no shortage of sights to see.

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The Ghan, Australia

There aren’t many railway journeys that are as historic, romantic and spectacular as The Ghan. This iconic railway journey makes its way across 2,979 kilometres of Australian landscape from Adelaide, South Australia, all the way up through the outback before reaching the end of the line in Darwin, Northern Territory. The entire journey takes 46 hours, but with the views that come with it, you’ll be wishing it was longer.

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Trans Siberian, Russia

As rail tours go, Trans Siberian is the best when it comes to adventure. Spanning through Russia, Mongolia and China, the railway journey passes through some of the world’s most iconic regions such as the Great Wall of China and the Ural Mountains in Russia. While not quite as luxurious as other railway journeys, the adventurous stops along the way more than make up for this. You’ll be able to hop off the train to visit different cities and villages, take in the local sites and enjoy the vast cultural differences between Beijing and Moscow as you make your way across the countryside.

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Venice Simplon-Orient-Express, Europe

Venice Simplon-Orient-Express is widely known as the world’s most glamorous train — and for good reason. Those who travel onboard the art-deco themed train will enjoy a dedicated steward service with a welcome glass of sparkling wine and delicious three-course meals and continental breakfasts throughout their journey. With destinations across Europe, you can can sit back and relax as you travel across the continent with stops in Paris, Venice, Budapest, London and more.

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Indian Pacific, Australia

Indian Pacific is a real Australian icon, passing through some of the country’s most remote towns and famous regions such as the Blue Mountains, Broken Hill, the Nullarbor Plain and Kalgoorlie. The train also travels along the longest stretch of straight railway track in the world. If you choose to revel in the up-market platinum cabins, you’ll be able to enjoy full-size showers and a double bed.

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