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Like others, I heard about the Sydney siege that occurred yesterday and into the early hours of this morning. Then like a deluge it kept washing over us – too much coverage, too much horror, too many emotions. Yet when it ended and we found out more about the perpetrator, it just made it worse. He was mentally unbalanced, and he was on bail, which defies logic.

So I ask the question: how can we allow such laws for people who are so unstable? For me there is only common sense, here we have a man who threatens and writes evil letters to the families of soldiers, yet he is let out on community service, did he just clean up a few streets or help at a nursing home?

What good did it do, and who is ultimately responsible then for how he behaves, if he is not being watched or in a special facility? The person who allowed him to remain in the community should be publicly named, and those who make the laws that allow this to go on happening need to be accountable for their stupid laws. We as a society need to be protected from those who make dangerous threats and decide they have a mission. Warning bells were loud and clear to anyone with an ear to listen.

In this multicultural society I do not blame any one nation or religion, there are good and bad people in every group. We need to support those who may suffer the backlash because of this. No more riots please. No more hurting others. Remember we are Australian, we try to be a humane and caring society.

For the families affected and who have lost their loved members I am deeply sad, and for most it will not just go away, it will remain like a stone in their hearts. Lives are never quite the same, for some the trauma will continue and never go away. As I listened at 4am this morning it was with a very heavy heart. Not only Australian life changed, it changes the way we look at the world. So come on law makers protect us when you have the chance, letting people like this have another chance is just not working. When the warning bells ring I just hope someone in a position of power is listening next time.

“I’ll walk beside you” – remember one madman with a crazy purpose does not represent everyone. The horrors of yesterday make us all angry, but angry about the stupid law makers as much as anything else.. My heart and the thoughts of a nation must be with them all. The world can still be beautiful, we just have to do our bit to make it so.

Do you agree with Jacqui? Should the lawmakers be held liable for the terrifying acts that unfolded in Sydney yesterday? If not then who should? Tell us below.

Ed’s note: please keep this conversation about what should be done in the future – we will delete and ban commenters who share racist or bigoted comments, or personally attack another member. 

Jacqui Lee

Jacqui Lee is 75 and now retired but the last ten years or so have been some of her busiest. She worked at a hospital, where she took several Certificated courses, she cleaned a school, helped to run two conventions, wrote short stories, started painting, and in fact is never bored even now, "I honestly feel we are lucky to still be upright and breathing, and my motto is, Remember yesterday, dream of tomorrow, but live today. I love fun, clothes, food and friends."

  1. Surely the judiciary who set this pig back into the community must accept some responsibility for this tragedy. They can’t hide behind their wigs and robes any longer. Two people lost their lives today and several injured. I hope our law makers hang their collective heads in shame.

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    • In this case Wendy it is both. The previous at attorney general of NSW changed the law regarding bail and parole. The new premier has changed again but will not come into law until January. And yes the judiciary has a lot to answer for. How can that pig be allowed back into the community with the charges he faced? It is a shame that this blunder cost two people their lives and the sorrow of our nation.

    • I do think that the “defense use of mental incapacity” should be abolished, & see the heinous crime perpetuated as what it truly is!! Punishment must fit the crime!

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      • totally agree now to make it happen !

    • Irena, I do apologize, I didn’t mean to insult pigs. But, I don’t agree with him being humane, maybe inhuman would be a better term either way he was an evil person. Take care and thanks for your reply. I guess this is a good way to get the anger out. Weather we agree on things or not I guess in one way we are all coming together as a nation in a sad time. Thanks.

    • hear hear, it could have been worse but was BAD enough, & very sad for all involved !

  2. I think that the police have their hands tied at times. They bring law breakers to court and they get off with a slap on the wrist, so to speak. This person should still be in custody when you read of his previous history. Condolences to the all the people whose lives have been changed forever.

  3. Oh, Jacqui such a beautifully written and heartfelt post. This is what we should be focusing on now. Thank you for expressing what I think so many of us are feeling on this sad day.

  4. yes I agree with everything she has said. I cannot believe that he had such a bad history, how many more are out there that need to be locked up?

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    • Jacqui well written thank you, and as Liz stated how many more are in our communities, I believe we need to review and very quickly immigration laws, and as humans don’t blame all of that race.
      Rest in peace that the families have adequate back up to try and continue living with this tragedy that was avoidable.

  5. Totally agree. How many lives have already been lost to people who were ‘OUT ON BAIL’ seems only the evil are allowed bail, yet others for minor charges are not. Time to change our laws to protect all our innocents

  6. I agree with Jacquie totally. We need our legislators, politicians, police to take a good hard look at what has happened. We need to have lines drawn to say we have had enough of people who come into this country to do it and its people harm. It was said on 7news by a fellow who knew this perpetrator that they have contacted authorities and nothing was done. He then disclosed there are at least 10 more people who are worse than this one. Geez guys….we need MORE done about these people!

  7. The judiciary does need review & not just from within its own ranks. A broad cross-section of ppl must be involved.
    PC must also be eliminated because it shuts down free speech.

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    • Totally agree with Jacqui and like others in feedback that PC bullsh*t is why we are in this situation. If they dont like the way we live, Leave!! There are some great people from that part of the world, but the line has to be drawn when histories like his develop. Instant deportation when caught on 2nd “issue” with the law no matter how trivial.

  8. I just put a post up When I first came to Australia in the 60s if an immigrant broke the law they were deported !!!!

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    • I don’t think you can blame the greens for this they are more concerned. With the environment more to do with the politically correct do gooders

    • I’m with you there why would we want our tax money to pay for accommodation for this low life.Anyone that breaks our laws .Back to where you came and not allowed back to our fair shores ever

    • Where is Sarah Hansom Young
      Haven’t seen her gob on tv sprouting her crap
      Mind if I did I would turn it off ?????

    • The laws have gone soft the victims get the life sentence while the criminals,terrorists get off FREE and made Martyrs

    • Oh most definitely my ex beat me up really bad 2 years ago there is a warrant for his arrest so far he has not been caught up with he knows how to move around under the radar No justice for me !!!

    • Governments are to blame , not just the current ones, they are the ones who legislate, I am not a Greens voter but to my knowledge they have never been in power

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