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I love to knit. I am still amazed I can start with balls of wool and knitting needles and after a few months end up with a beautiful garment.

I learnt to knit while I was studying, patiently taught by my dearly loved landlady, Maisie Roberts. I’ve been knitting for 51 years. Once I started, I knitted every winter. Through the hectic days as a mother of pre-schoolers, as a working mum, then with more time as the girls left home through summer and winter, I knitted for the family, for friends’ grandchildren, for charities.

Knitting is a soothing occupation (except when I lose a stitch, or get a pattern wrong). Sometimes it requires concentration so that I just ‘tune out’ from the world and other times it is repetitive and I can knit along just by feel and watch television.

My most recent project is THE BIG BLACK JUMPER, knitted for my eight-year-old grandson. He’s a tall lad, like his father and grandfathers, and growing fast. I’ve knitted it with an eye to the future.


It’s an Aran pattern that I once knitted for his grandfather. Aran patterns are from the Aran Isles, where each family had their own distinctive pattern. It was a fishing community and the men needed to have very thick jumpers. The fishing ropes, or cables, are a distinctive feature. There are diamonds and moss stitch and a variety of variations. The meaning of these patterns isn’t clear, though there are some obvious symbols.

I knitted this particular jumper for my grandson so that he could have one just like his grandfather, and I knitted it in black, because that is the colour his father wears. He lives in Sydney’s inner west, so the jumper should suit his environment. For me this jumper does have a particular symbolism. The three strong ropes are the love and support of his families – his nuclear family, and his father’s and mother’s family. He is blessed with uncles, aunts, cousins and grandparents, great uncles and aunts.

I hope he has lovely times in this jumper.



Do you knit? When was the last time you knitted and what did you make? Tell us below.

Vivienne Beddoe

  1. My grandson said all grandma knits. I would love to learn and surprise him one of this days

  2. I love knitting. If there’s no one wanting anything at a particular time, I knit for charity.

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    • Hi. I have a beautiful 6month old son & have come across a baby boys vest that I would love to have for him. Prince George was wearing it & it has a soldier pattern. But I can’t find anyone who can knit something so tricky. Could I commission you to knit it for me? Lisa Sands

  3. I like knitting and have done since a child (my mum taught me) I knitted for my babies but unfortunately no grandies yet,I usually get asked if I will knit scalves for winter especially for the girls who live in cooler areas than me. as a girls used to knit for my brothers especially when mum was too busy on the farm.

  4. I knit every day. I make dog jackets and blankets for dog rescue organizations. I also make king size blankets for friends.
    This time of year beanies, scarves and gloves are desperately needed by charities so I will knit them as well.

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    • I knit for one called Starting Over Dog Rescue in Melbourne. They have a FB page. They rescue all sizes from little foxy’s to great danes.

  5. Always have something on the go ! It definitely helps with keeping the fingers supple. I am currently knitting jumpers for my twin grandchildren 8 ply and a pair of socks 3 ply.Love it.

  6. My mother knitted me a pram cover in the beautiful design you show in your photo,Sheryl.

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    • Sheryl I knitted the same pram cover in lemon for my first baby and used it for all three babies plus the 6 pre adoptive babies we fostered, eventually my daughter used it for her cabbage patch dolls. Still as good as new. My mother crocheted a shell stich edge around it. When it was time for my mother to go into a nursing home I made her a throw blanket using all the old balls of wool she had collected over the years. She loved it because it was uniquely hers and full of so many memories of knitting she had done for her children, grandchildren and great grandchildren.

  7. I knit every day.Current projects ,jumper for a ten year old,cardigan for a six year old. Just finished a bright orange beanie for a two year old.I don’t think his Mother will love it very much but he did request it.They are all my Grandchildren

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