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At this time of year motherhood seems to disappear into a mass of pink fluffiness as we are bombarded with advertising for the day that it is set aside to honour mothers.

There are several things that irk me about this advertising.

Firstly: Why so many ads for pyjamas?

Memo to advertisers: mothers of any age do not spend a lot of time in pyjamas. They are too busy getting kids out the door, going off to work, doing duty in the school canteen, volunteering for a myriad of charities, keeping fit, gardening, looking after their grandchildren. When they get back home, they cook, they clean, they organise. They do not spend the day lounging round in pyjamas.

Apart from pyjamas chocolate and flowers seem the other fallback gifts. Chocolates are a dicey gift with so many of the population diabetic, swearing off sugar, or there are those, advertisers take note, who do not like chocolate. Flowers, I understand.

And what other sort of gifts are there? If it’s books it seems to be the romance variety, or cook books. Where are the thrillers, the politics, the science fiction? If it’s music, it’s Andre Rieu or show tunes. Where’s the hard rock and jazz? Absolutely nothing wrong with the advertisers’ choices, but there are other things mums are interested in.

The advertisers’ “Mum” seems to be in her mid-30s having fun with her primary school age children. From teenage mums to 90-year-old mums, that leaves a lot of us out. Mothering doesn’t stop just because your children grow up. Where is the mum with the toddler having a melt-down, the mum with the petulant teenager, the mum with sick kids, the sick mum, the estranged mum, the exhausted mum?

I can’t find several mums I know. Mums who are caring for the children’s families as the provider of child care, the mums who drive long distances for sporting opportunities and doctors visits because they live in the bush, the business mum who spends time interstate, the policy makers, the political mums, the mums who juggle several low paying jobs, the doctors and nurses, our shift working mums, the mums who bring home essays to mark?

And what are you expected to pay to show your appreciation? A current ad on television has gifts ranging from $479 to $299! The pink catalogues show jewellery and perfume worth the weekly food budget.

Celebrate Mothers’ Day how you wish, but don’t be guided by the advertisers.


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Vivienne Beddoe

  1. I am treated well all year long so don’t believe in this commercial once a year showing of who can afford the biggest present Mums enjoy today and every day as a treasured person in your children’s lives

  2. Mothers, by nature, don’t look for presents to tell them how their family feels about them. Certainly not presents suggested by some advertising person looking to sell a particular product.

  3. I hate the commercialism surrounding the day. Why not just get some flowers and go see your mother. She would appreciate that more than anything. I know I would, flowers not being compulsory. ☺️

  4. I find all this hype about mothers ALL being so wonderful hypocritical as not all mother are lovely, sweet and kind. We are ALL not blessed with pillars of kindness.

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  5. Yes it’s all about MOTHER , and so it should be , but it’s the adverts that are annoying , not only Mother’s Day there’s Fathers Day Christmas , Easter and every other excuse to bombard the TV radio and news papers . Ok we all have to make a living but we don’t have to spend a fortune on our loved ones , it’s all about family get togethers , yes a card small bunch of flowers to show our loved ones we care and appreciate them .

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  6. My lovely late husband told our children you should be nice to your Mum every day . Our only presents were the ones the kids made . Am being taken to breakfast by my two lovely sons this morning.

  7. Right on! But I despise the hype advertising that goes with any so called celebration. ( this includes recent 100 years Anzac I think it demeaned it) I tune out best I can. To the point I must have succeeded I missed all the pj ads. Ha ha. Plus I feel for those whose mother were not mothers but source of fear and pain.

  8. Oh kerry please .you are a humbug . I thought i was bad. Life throws some of us curve balls. Just the way it is. Im staying in bed for as long as i can todAy. My family all grown up and got their own families. Im not the centre of life either. Just how it is..

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