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It might be the most beautiful bedtime outfit any of us have ever seen and it is likely that it put a broad smile on President Obama’s face last night.  The Prince of Hearts, Prince George apparently stayed up to shake hands with the ruler of the free world, President Obama, and was dressed impeccably for the moment.

Prince George_President Obama_kensingtonpalace
Prince George meets President Obama via Kensington Palace


Prince George_Obama_Twitter
Prince George meets President Obama via Kensington Palace

The pictures were posted on the Kensington Palace Twitter account and are causing a delightful outpouring all over the Internet. The rocking horse was apparently gifted to Prince George by the Obamas when he was born, so its significance it not missed.

Prince George_obama_twitter_2
Prince George meets President Obama via Kensington Palace


Rebecca Wilson

Rebecca Wilson is the founder and publisher of Starts at Sixty. The daughter of two baby boomers, she has built the online community for over 60s by listening carefully to the issues and seeking out answers, insights and information for over 60s throughout Australia. Rebecca is an experienced marketer, a trained journalist and has a degree in politics. A mother of 3, she passionately facilitates and leads our over 60s community, bringing the community opinions, needs and interests to the fore and making Starts at Sixty a fun place to be.

  1. Thank you Rebecca it’s a lovely site and very relevant to the interests of my age group. In particular the participants in the above piece, all of them of great interest to me because regardless of the political winds, either P or p politics they are all doing their best to contribute in a positive way!

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    • Couldn’t agree more Barbara. Of course there are going to be articles that hold no interest to me, which I will skip over, and articles that contain different sentiments to mine which I will huff and puff over, but that’s just life. SAS is a great initiative, done very well, in my eyes. Thanks Rebecca.

  2. Love the Starts at Sixty site,full of so much interesting stuff!

  3. Than you Starts at Sixty, great photos. I am a royalist and love seeing these photos.

  4. How can anyone possibly call Obama THE RULER OF THE FREE WORLD? He is only an elected politician and not a very good one at that . If anyone is RULER of the free world it is QUEEN ELISABETH ll . An anointed queen of the nation that is the MOTHER COUNTRY of most of the truly free nations including America . If Britain and its allies hadn’t battled on for years in 2 world wars while America sold arms to both sides . there would not be a free world to be ruler off .
    They only finally entered the war when it was almost over and claimed to have won it. If the Germans had not torpedoed the Lusitania they would never have entered WW1, and if the Japs had not attacked pearl harbour they would not have entered WWll.
    He is only President of the largest free nation in the world . and by this time next year he will only be an ex-president .

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    • Ian, I would have preferred to see the phrase ‘leader of the free world’, as he is hardly the ruler. I take your point, however,; this time next year – OH my God! Let’s hope and pray that the POTUS is not Trump!

    • I absolutely agree with you Ian.but even “Leader of the free world” sounds wrong. A Leader of a free world would not only look after there own country’s interest.It would look after the whole worlds interest .America doesn’t give a toss. So how could any American president be called that. BEAUTIFUL PICS OF THE ROYAL FAMILY by the way.

    • Do we need a royal family in this day and age? Do people realise how much it costs to keep these people in the lap of luxury? That money would be better used by different communities in the country. As for Prince Charles, he should keep his promise that his wife would never be Queen and therefore he should never be King, like his Great Uncle he has married a divorced woman and only after thirty years of an affair. He should leave the place to his son William.

  5. I have just taken note of Rebecca Wilson’s profile. I wish there were more women like her. This an interesting site for 60 and over. The pictures of Prince George are so beautiful he is a credit to Prince William and Kate. George is full of personality and so handsome. A delightful boy !!!

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    • Very much praying for Trump to take over and we rid ourselves of the current, pandering, pathetic excuse in a suit!!!

  6. I so love this site, there is always something of interest and this one is the best no matter the comments these pictures are so normal. Didn’t you wait up to see Mummy and Daddy’s friends in your Jammies?

  7. How absoutley delightful.Prince George has grown into a very Georgas wee boy…but how could he not with Kate and William has his parents.Im always keen to see any photos of that beautiful family…Thankyou.

  8. They are beautiful pics, but my first thought was the poor kid is mean to be going to bed, but his pjs top is buttoned up like a business shirt.

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  9. How gorgeous to see such photos…a public relations winner certainly but also a quiet moment of gravitas…a sweet dignified little future king, meeting a president – and showing off his rocking horse !! thank you so much for posting these. lovely change from the usual yuk news.

  10. Lovely pics, but “Ruler of the Free World”?
    I don’t thinks so. He’s President of the US of A, lets stick to fact.

  11. love the pictures of royals anytime and love seeing Mr Abama as just another father……who cares if he is or isn’t leader of this or that….its about the pictures of a lovely wee boy in his nite wear……meeting MrAbama.
    How many 2 years olds do that..!!!
    Goodness sake…..why are people so picky and lose site of a nice relaxed photo …occasion…….
    go moan somewhere else

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