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This is a charming book to read to a dinosaur loving preschooler, or for an early reader to read with you.

dinosaur-dadRory The Dinosaur, Me and My Dad is by Liz Climo and the illustrations by ‘digital magic’, published by Hatchette.

The illustrations are mainly shades of green so that the rainbow and Rory’s swag are very vivid.

This is a simple story where young Rory sets out on an adventure while his dad is quietly reading. Children will love the irony that Rory thinks he is overcoming all obstacles by himself when his dad is shadowing him, protecting him every step of the way. They will also love the fact that Rory makes his favourite sandwich – peanut butter and chocolate chip!

The language is simple, but not condescending.

In the simple story, there is just Rory and his dad who is taking care of him. No preaching about what constitutes a family.

I can’t wait to share this with my granddaughter who is just learning to read.

Rory The Dinosaur, Me and My Dad, by Liz Climo, is published by Hachette Australia and is available for purchase at Dymocks


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Vivienne Beddoe

  1. Yes I read to my Grandson, he is learning to read, in Prep this year, he loves dinosaurs, so would be good for him to start trying to read himself.

  2. Before Vic’s stroke, I used to go to my great grandchildren’s school to hear the kids read. I loved doing this. The little faces, so earnest, tongues tripping over words, then the so cute smiles when the book was completed. We would have a quick quiz for comprehension. Loved it.

  3. Yes our grandchildren have stories read to them every night and we do the same when they stay over we also babysit once a week and I do home work with the six year old part of her home work is reading a book which she does every school night they love stories and would listen to one every chance they got we also use to make up our own stories and you’d be surprised how good their imaginations are

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