What your age says about the car you drive

Dec 16, 2019
Seniors pick cars based on their practicality and ease of use. Source: Getty

Australia is a car-loving nation and when it comes to buying a new vehicle, most put a lot of thought, effort and money into their motoring choices.

Whether it’s a choice of the interior, the colour, or if it’s a manual or automatic – there’s  a lot to consider before handing over the money. But did you know your age and personality can help determine what car you’ll go home with?

New research from Allianz Australia has revealed the relationship between personality types, demographics and the types of cars and features that people prefer. From wanting your car to make a statement and turn heads, to prioritising safety features and practicality, it’s clear that one’s personality and behaviour has a direct correlation to their unique car choices.

Peter O’Connor, Allianz’s behavioural insights advocate, said as consumers we tend to make purchases not only based on what we need, but also based on who we are and what we value.

“When purchasing a car, our research demonstrates that consumers with different personality traits choose cars in predictable ways,” he said. “Our car preferences match who we are, what we value, and how we wish to be viewed by others.”

So, what does the research say about older Aussies? With the days of driving around in sports cars no doubt behind you, it probably comes as no surprise that practicality and ease of use are the top priorities in vehicles for seniors.

In fact, those aged 55-plus were named as the leading age group that spend very little to maintain their vehicles and don’t really care about what the vehicle looks like. The research found that a whopping 90 per cent of 55 to 69-year-olds prefer automatic transmission over manual.

Older Aussies are also stricter on their passengers, with only 50 per cent allowing them to eat in the car, compared to 75 per cent of 18 to 24-year-olds.

On the other hand, young, egocentric males prefer cars of luxury status and favour the colour red. They’re also more likely to take better care of their vehicles than neurotic types.

The study also found that conscientious and agreeable people have a slight preference for the colour silver, whereas technological features such as rear cameras are most important to parents who have an active social life who prefer SUV’s over station wagons.

For the caring and reliable types, the economic status of the car is important. If you fit into this category you’re likely looking for a vehicle with good value for money, fuel economy and high retained value and are less concerned about what make and model you choose.

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What type of car do you drive? Do you agree with the research?

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