Going postal at the post office

It can be extremely frustrating.

Last Friday, I received one of those cards from Australia Post advising that I had a small parcel that could be picked up by my ‘agent’ as of Monday, 26th June, 2017.

I don’t drive so asked my sister’s neighbour if she would pick up the parcel for me. I signed the card appropriately and off she went.

Firstly, Pat completely ignored my directions as to which post office said parcel was at.

Secondly, she drove all over the place before reaching the correct destination and it cost me $5.00 in petrol (she’s broke). 

Thirdly, when she presented the card she was served by a young staff member who went off to get said parcel but then an older man came rushing out to say “No, the addressee must come herself.” Pat explained that I was disabled but that didn’t matter a shot. The man was rude and Pat came home empty handed.

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Needless to say, I was a bit irritated. So I got on the phone (did you know you cannot get the phone number of the P.O. in question?).  I rang the 1300 number and after listening to the blurb about how Australia Post valued its customers etc., I spoke to a real person, and she explained that the parcel was registered and must be signed for by the receiver. I retorted that there was no indication on the card that was left that this was a requirement or that the parcel was registered.  After 10 minutes of going round and round in circles, I asked to speak to her supervisor; another 10 minutes on hold. My anger level was starting to rise. Then Keira got on the phone. I was then told that an agent could pick up said parcel but would have to bring my I.D. and her own.

Anger Level: 4.

On Wednesday and Pat agreed to go the post office again. She duly arrived home with said parcel which turned out to be no bigger than a birthday card sized envelope weighing slightly more than a birthday card!

Anger Level: 10 and rising!

If I could have spoken to the new CEO, I would have thrust both hands down the telephone line and throttled her! That would have been after I’d told her how exorbitant her starting salary was, that she stick her telephone messaging up her fundamental orifice, and using a number of chosen expletives, said to her “don’t promise what you have no intention of delivering.”  

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“We value our customers” – pigs arse!

Ah, I feel so much better now!

Has something frustrated or angered you recently? Let us know about it!