Tourist learns the hard way Queen's guards mean business

Queen's guards, London

A tourist at Windsor Castle has learned the hard way that the Queen’s guards are doing a serious job, and are not just there for entertainment. 

A hilarious video uploaded to YouTube shows that the guards were in the process of locking a gate when an absentminded tourist got a little too close to take a quick snap, and the guard locking the gate gave him the fright of his life by bellowing at him to stay away. 

The poor unsuspecting man almost jumped out of his skin when the guard shouted, before reacting hilariously with a salute. He shuffled away, clearly a bit embarrassed while other shocked tourists looked on, no doubt thankful they weren’t in the line of fire of the over-zealous guard. 

The guard finished his gate-locking duties and walked away, with no further words for the tourists. 

The moment the guard cuts loose at the tourist. Image: YouTube/Hector Alejandro

It isn’t the first time the palace guards have proven that they mean business, with plenty of YouTube compilations showing guards shouting, threatening, and even physically assaulting tourists who disrespect or get too close to them.

It’s hard to blame them though; they must put up with a lot from tourists who think it’s hilarious to get close and imitate or try to distract them from their serious jobs. One thing is for certain; this particular man will never get too close again!

What did you think of the guard’s reaction; fair enough or a bit over-the-top?