Fantastic in fuchsia! The Queen laughs off accidental outfit match

Queen Elizabeth attended a service in Islington to celebrate the 150th anniversary of the Scripture Union. Source: Getty

Queen Elizabeth was clearly in the mood for cheerful colours, so much so that she accidentally matched the vibrant outfits of her guests on one formal occasion.

The monarch was greeting the High Commissioner of Nigeria, George Adesola Oguntade, and his wife at Buckingham Palace when it became clear that they had had the same thoughts when dressing that morning – all three were in striking purple and fuchsia tones.

Oguntade wore an agbada (a traditional wide-sleeved robe, usually worn over baggy trousers) in purple and white stripes, while his wife wore an iro and buba (a shirt and wrapper skirt combination) and gele (headscarf) in a more intricate pattern of the same colours.

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The Queen, in a floral frock with a light purple background, was a perfect match for the pair, and reports said they seemed to see the funny side of their unlikely colour coordination, laughing as they shook hands after the monarch gesticulated at their attire.

The monarch then chose a beautiful fuchsia coat and matching hat with contrasting red feather, over a dress in the same tones for an evening service at St Mary’s Church in London’s Islington.

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Cheerfully clutching a bouquet, the Queen greeted other attendees, although she looked less impressed with a performance by an amateur theatre company, with a snap catching the 91-year-old with frown as she watched their antics.

The service was to celebrate the 150th anniversary of the Scripture Union, a Christian charity for children and young people.

Have you turned up to an event only to find you’re wearing the same, or very similar, outfit as another guest? Did you avoid each other or laugh it off?