Claims Cassie Sainsbury stole from a South Australian tennis club

Sainsbury is accused of trying to smuggle 6kg of cocaine out of Colombia. Image: YouTube/AU News Plus

Fresh new claims have hit Cassie Sainsbury, the young Aussie currently locked up in Bogota, Colombia on charges of attempting to smuggle six kilograms of cocaine out of the country. 

Since her arrest at Bogota’s international airport in April, where she was caught with 5,8kg of cocaine concealed in 18 headphone sets, the 22-year-old’s reputation has taken a hit after claims about her shady past in Australia came to light. 

And now, Sainsbury is accused of stealing thousands from a struggling tennis club in South Australia, after an affidavit revealing the crime was uncovered. 

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Sainsbury had reportedly volunteered to be secretary and treasurer of the Coobowie Tennis Club just a month before she is alleged to have fraudulently withdrawn more than $3,000 from two accounts run by the club in 19 seperate transactions over two months. 

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In the affidavit, the club’s president Mark Tape told police how the events unfolded. 

“I started receiving phone calls from vendors… they were questioning why the hadn’t been paid for tennis balls,” he said. 

Sainsbury was sacked from the volunteer role, and Tape told Seven News that he is annoyed by the fact taxpayers are currently funding Sainsbury’s case. 

“The part that annoys me the most is asking for Australian taxpayers to fund her legal team and court fees… it doesn’t sit well with me,” he said. 

According to the club, Sainsbury returned more than $1100 to the account, still leaving them more than $2000 out of pocket.

Sainsbury faces 30 years in prison if convicted of the cocaine charges. 

Does it anger you that taxpayers are footing Sainsbury’s legal fees, given her history?