Lisa Wilkinson is so right when it comes to childhood punishments

Some quiet time alone sounds quite pleasant.

On a similar theme to earlier, it’s funny how things you imagine must be great when you’re a child lose their thrill as an adult.

If you’re a woman, wearing make-up might’ve been one of them. For men, perhaps it was going out to work and having your own money. For both, it was probably the idea of your own home with no one’s rules but your own.

Of course, pretty soon you realise that slapping on the war paint and/or trudging out the work every day is a chore, worrying about bills is no fun, and that you hugely under-rated the luxury of having someone cook dinner for you.

That’s why Today show host Lisa Wilkinson was so right when she posted this funny little message to Instagram.


Anyone else ever feel like this? #adultgoals

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Plenty of her Insta followers agreed, saying that the sentiment became even more true the older one became.

There are probably other childhood-punishments-turned-adult-goals that we could come up with, such as eating our greens instead of a quick meal on the go, and watching something mind-building on TV instead of whatever rubbish the kids, the grandkids or your other half insists on having on. Oh, and don’t forget, taking the time to concentrate just on reading, instead of skimming a few pages before falling asleep mid-sentence.

And quite frankly, sitting quietly, in a corner or anywhere else, without having to actually do anything but daydream, sounds pretty nice.

Don’t even get us on the topic of things our mothers’ told us that we didn’t believe but now know to be painfully true!

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Do you have any childhood ‘punishments’ that you relish as an adult?