13 best places to go fishing in Alaska

Jun 05, 2017

Alaska is known to be the state of adventures. If you have a particular hobby, then Alaska will attract you. The kind of beauty and wonderful fishing spots makes Alaska the best in the world. You can catch some of the biggest salmon here, too. Alaska is located in the very north of America and shares the maritime boundary with Russia. Apart from its perfect geographical location, Alaska is indeed a Disneyland for lovers of fishing. So, here are 13 of the best places to go fishing in Alaska.

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1. Bristol Bay

Bristol Bay is indeed one of the best spots for fishing salmon. People come from all over the world to catch some of the biggest salmon here. Bristol Bay is 180m wide and 250m long and attracts the largest salmon run. Many rivers meet at Bristol Bay, which is why it becomes a natural spot for fishing. During the main seasons of fishing, Bristol Bay can get crowded. Though there are various varieties of salmon available, people mainly focus on catching the most famous sockeye salmon. This variety is found mostly in Bristol Bay, and that’s why people love this spot so much. Apart from sockeye salmon, you can also try to fish king, silver, and chum salmon too.

2 Kodiak Island

The best thing about Kodiak Island is the road system. Through this road network people can easily navigate to the secluded fishing hole. Kodiak Island is 15-80km wide and 160km long. The Karluk River is the main source, and other streams also join in, making it a great destination for fishing salmon and trout. So, Kodiak Island is one of the best spots for fishing in Alaska.

3. Cooper River

Cooper River is also one of the most popular fishing spots in Alaska. This spot is especially known for having large salmon. It does attract lots of attention from various fishing enthusiast from around the globe. If you are in love with fishing, then you can’t avoid this location for sure.

4. Indian Creek, Anchorage Bowl

If you have selected a place for fishing in Anchorage, then you must find it jam packed with visitors. During the peak season, people come from various countries to catch some of the biggest salmon available. But if you want a less crowded place, then there is nothing better than Indian Creek. If you drive a few extra kilometres along the Seward Highway, you can find a location Mile Marker 101, where you can expect to fish without much of a crowd.

5. Wosnesenski River, Kenai Region

Wosnesenski River is an excellent spot for fishing in Alaska. It is located at China Poot Bay and if offers a mixture of everything. You can access both the river and the lake at this spot. Apart from the fishing, you can also find a nice camping spot if you are planning to stay for a night.

6. Lowe River

Lowe River is located just outside of Keystone Canyon, and it provides an excellent location for fishing Salmon. The spot is where the Lowe and Robe rivers meets. So, if you are planning to catch some fish in Alaska, then Lowe River can offer you a lot of opportunities. 

7. Campbell Point Lake

Campbell Point Lake is located in Kincaid Park and it offers a nice spot for catching both salmon and trout. This place also offers arctic char fish that is quite rare to find in other locations.

8. Homer

Homer is another fishing spot in Alaska that can be said to be the best among many others. The best thing about fishing in Homer is the fact that you can hire a fishing boat for an entire day. You can dedicate an entire day to fishing and see if you can get a trophy salmon fish while you’re at it.

9. Kasilof River

Kasilof River is situated pretty near to Kenai River. Hence not many people visit it as Kenai River is quite popular in Alaska. You can easily catch king salmon in Kasilof River without too much effort. Many people keep Kasilof as a secret river spot for fishing, as they don’t want too much crowd here.

10. Ship Creek

Ship Creek is best known for Giant King Salmons. If you are keen on catching the biggest King Salmon, then this is the best location for you. It is situated at Downtown Anchorage and is quite popular.

11. Bird Creek

If you are visiting Alaska during the summer from June to September, then Bird Creek can be a really great option. This is located 30 miles south of Anchorage and offers a spectacular view of the valley. Though you can’t expect to catch a king salmon, silver salmon will definitely be the menu. Bird Creek gets the best silver salmon run during the summer time.

12. The Pasagshak River

Kodiak Island offers various spots for fishing, but the Pasagshak River is quite famous for the sockeye salmon. Not just Sockeye Salmon but you can expect to fish chum, silver and pink salmon, too. You can get excellent fishing opportunities at this location.

13. The Chena River

If you are keen on catching arctic grayling, then there is nothing better than the Chena River. This river has a history of providing 18 inches plus arctic grayling fish in the waters. So, if you want to catch a big fish, then this is the place you want to come.

These are some of the best fishing spots in Alaska that you can visit for fishing some of the best Salmons in the world. Though Alaska as a whole is fantastic for fishing, the spots mentioned above are quite spectacular. Even if you don’t catch a big fish, you will see a lot of natural scenery. Apart from that, enjoy your stay in Alaska!

Have you ever been fishing in Alaska? Where have you been? Let us know in the comments section below. 

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