Retirement reimagined: Banishing boredom later in life and embracing new adventures

May 28, 2023
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We retirement-age seniors can be regarded as being over the hill. Some people might say this, but let’s roar along the other side of the hill until we descend into our twilight region. 

I have heard a few folks say that they are bored in their retirement senior years. But we do not have to be, if our busy brains do need amusement, we can find various ways to keep ourselves mentally active.

If we do not retire, we cannot make a comeback! This year, after a hiatus for one reason or another, I have made a comeback to tutoring part-time, for a very modest fee. My students have travelled from overseas, and have goals to achieve impressive improvement in their English skills. 

We are aiming high this year. I find contact with such young people is good, we can exchange ideas, across the generations. They are the adults of tomorrow, it is going to be up to them to shape the future of the big picture of Australian society. 

Some ideas are a bit of fun. I privately title my students the new wave of my “Kick Butt” tutoring college, We are all only individuals in a global population of 8 billion little people. Do not be discouraged if you wish to ban the boring in the retirement years.

One friend of mine, a former healer, has made a comeback in a different format. Most weeks, unless he is travelling, he is fully engaged as a disability support worker.

He counsels and provides quality time to assist his client to achieve his personal goals. Two males of a certain age do Mr Universe at the gym, as well as jogging in a deep pool. My friend is banning the boring with new challenges. 

Of course, we do not have to earn extra income if you can do not wish, or can afford not to. There are lots of ways to learn new skills and different aspects of hobbies. If you do not use the internet that much, there are good free library books. 

Just yesterday, I was a bit laid up with a gammy knee. So while I was resting, I varied my afternoon crafting session by making beaded bracelets for Christmas gifts. Pursuing creativity of any kind does ban boring at any age. That is how I made some chakra bracelets, never late with the presents. I learnt how to make such jewellery in online classes, very interesting.

We must be sensible in what do when roaring beyond over the hill. We should heed all the good advice to smash our feel-good retirement senior age years. Have you learnt to love aubergines yet? Spinach pie can be quite addictive. Kale crisps are very crunchy, even if some consider kale to be a disgusting food group. 

But, as oldies, we can treat ourselves. Nothing wrong with a balanced diet. This can mean a biscuit in one hand, and a chocolate in the other! These are simple pleasures. If some older people do wake up with no meaning to their day, focus on simple enjoyment.

Overcoming such concerns may need a trusted friend or health provider.

Our late mother used to preach her own former nursing plan, to ban the boring. “Have you changed the sheets, vacuumed the carpet, dusted the skirting boards, done the shopping and sorted the bills? Go to the library and read your books.” Then she continued in this vein, “Do stop snivelling, or I’ll give you more housework to do!” Atta scary witches!

So here I sit with all the chores smashed by 7 or 8 am. I do have a busy brain. Anyone can have a busy brain. Anyone can ban the boring in their own way. If we cannot afford a gym, we can exercise at home, or walk with a buddy. If folk wish to be truly energetic, they can take up cycling, golf, or bushwalking.

Some friends I know have been housesitting, or done pet sitting and walking. They met different people and places on their path. Some do retire and lose interest, some sleep in too much, maybe they have earnt rest and relaxation time. Sometimes people say they find retirement boring, but perhaps they need attention. 

If we need to ban the boring at our age, smash some feel-good simple fun, and sprinkle kindness, we can treat ourselves. We have earned it! 

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