Can you spot it? Homeowners discover 2.5m snake hiding in messy backyard

Jun 23, 2020
A Brisbane home owner found a snake hiding in their backyard. Source: Facebook/ Snake Catchers Brisbane, Ipswich, Logan & Gold Coast

A snake catcher has urged Aussies to take caution in their backyards this winter, after one of the slippery reptiles was found hiding in plain sight outside a Brisbane home.

Bryan Robinson from Snake Catchers Brisbane, Ipswich, Logan and Gold Coast took to social media recently to share a snap of the snake, asking followers if they could see the reptile in the backyard  – and it certainly left some people stumped. “Spot the snake time!” the post on Facebook read. “Some suburban yards are just purpose built for snakes.”

You’d think you’d be able to see the snake easily, but with trees, branches and a pile of wood littering the backyard, it seemed the reptile had found the perfect hiding spot. Many people tried their best to spot the snake, with some people guessing it was up the trunk behind the pump, while other’s questioned whether there was more than one.

“A yard like that, I bet there’s a heap,” Vanessa Allen commented on the post.

But, on closer inspection, the snake was discovered. If you look closely at the pile of wood to the left of the yard, you’ll see the snake curled up enjoying some of the winter sun. The colour of its scales blend perfectly into the wood, so it’s no wonder some couldn’t see it!

The snake was found hiding on a pile of wood in a Brisbane backyard. Source: Facebook/ Snake Catchers Brisbane, Ipswich, Logan and Gold Coast

According to 7 News, Robinson was called to the home on Friday to remove a 2.5 metre carpet python. He said the residents reported seeing the snake pass over a pile of timber in their backyard over the previous couple of days. Thankfully, the snake was captured and released into a new space, away from residential areas. But, Robinson said it serves as a warning to Aussies that just because it’s winter, doesn’t mean that all snakes have gone into hiding.

“The whole notion of keeping your yard tidy is about ensuring that snakes don’t have as many opportunities within the confines of your premises,” he told 7 News. “The best way to minimise the possibility (of having snakes) is to reduce the opportunity of snakes to hide on your premises.”

However, Robinson said you’ll still find snakes in “perfectly manicured yards” and other busy areas, such as shopping centres. He said any suburban environment in south-east Queensland is suitable for snakes, particularly carpet pythons.

“It’s not unusual for snakes to be in those circumstances in this time of the year,” he told 7 News.

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Have you seen any snakes lurking around your backyard?

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