‘I gave you the answer’: Anthony Albanese gets snippy with ‘Today Show’ host

Aug 19, 2022
Anthony Albanese gets short with Ally Langdon. Source: Getty

Prime Minister Anthony Albanese got curt with Today Show co-host Ally Langdon after he was asked for his thoughts on Scott Morrison’s secret portfolio saga.

After asking Albanese what he thought of Morrison’s behaviour while leading Australia, Landon brought up the former prime minister John Howard’s comments on the matter.

Speaking with SunriseHoward gave some “gratuitous advice to the new prime minister”.

“Don’t get carried away with it. Stop behaving like an opposition leader,” Howard said.

“He’s now got to explain to the Australian people what he’s doing, what he stands for, and I think Anthony Albanese, you will make a big mistake if he thinks he can get a huge political advantage out of this. It’s the past.”

Albanese slammed Howard’s comments as those of a “loyal Liberal”, to which Langdon responded asking if “the bloke you beat” should be the top priority on the Prime Minister’s list considering the rising cost of living, housing and energy crisis.

“You just asked me the question Ally about Scott Morrison and I gave you the answer,” Albanese snipped at her.

“If you ask me a question about inflation or about the economy, I‘ll give you an answer about that as well.

“This isn’t an issue that I chose to raise.”

After Morrison appointed himself the Health, Treasury, Home Affairs, Resources, and Finance portfolios, Albanese announced the government will be investigating his behaviour, slamming Morrison’s “contempt for democratic processes”.

“Australians knew during the election campaign that I was running a shadow ministry,” Albanese said.

“What they didn’t know was that Scott Morrison was running a shadow government, a shadow government that was operating in the shadows.

“It is unbecoming, it was cynical and it was just weird that this has occurred. Australians will be scratching their heads today knowing that the Government that they thought was there wasn’t actually the Australian Government at all.

“The Australian people deserve better than this contempt for democratic processes and for our Westminster system of government, which is what we have seen trashed by the Morrison government.”

The Member for Cook claimed his actions were “necessary” and provided him the opportunity to “act in the national interests”.

“These were extraordinary times no Prime Minister, I think, has faced the same combination of circumstances — be it the pandemic or indeed the drought, the global recession and the Australian recession caused by the pandemic and the many other natural disasters that befell the country over that period of time,” Morrison told reporters on August 17.

“It was a very difficult time. It was a very unusual time. It was a very extraordinary time.

“There was a clear expectation established in the public’s mind, certainly in the media’s mind that I as Prime Minister was responsible, pretty much for every single thing that was going on.

“People held me, rightly, to account for that.”

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