Perrottet backlash at a pub in Sydney

Dominic Perrottet has been busted breaching health orders. Source: Getty

Dominic Perrottet,  New South Wales Premier, has breached health orders while celebrating the long-awaited reopening of NSW, as it emerges from the depths of a 102-day lockdown.

Pubs have reopened, and Perrottet chose fellow MP, Craig Laundy’s pub as the venue for his photo opportunities for two days running.

In the pub, Perrottet was photographed standing whilst drinking a beer and a clear breach of the current health restrictions in New South Wales.

The internet erupted upon seeing this, with many showing clear exasperation for the blatant breaking of the rules, from NSW’s highest government official, likening this incident to Dan Andrews’ breach last week, which resulted in a $400 fine.

Perrottet’s office promptly responded to the allegations that Perrottet had not breached any rules. His office insisted that the pub was not open to the public. “It‘s not an operating bar,’’ his office said.

Perrottet took the time during the media event to attribute the state’s success in reopening to outgoing premier, Gladys Berejiklian, saying, “I’m sure we’re all disappointed that she’s not here to celebrate this great moment with the people of NSW. She was an outstanding Premier, the most outstanding Premier we’ve had.”

The premier is actively encouraging positivity and kindness as the state emerges from the 108 day lockdown reiterating, “There are going to be challenges, we know that. I ask again everyone right across our state to treat everyone with kindness and respect.”

A great message, no matter where you are in the country.


How did you celebrate 'Freedom day'?

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