Family shocked after discovering snake in air conditioner unit

Sep 13, 2021
It took a snake catcher two visits to remove the snake safely from the air conditioner. Source: Sunshine Coast Snake Catchers 24/7/Facebook

A family on the Sunshine Coast have gotten the fright of their lives after a snake was found lurking in their air conditioner unit. Sunshine Coast Snake Catchers 24/7 uploaded a video on Friday, showing snake catcher Stu trying to remove a brown tree snake from the unit.

In the video, which has received a slew of likes, comments and shares, Stu can be seen using a long hook to try and wriggle the snake out. After several attempts, Stu was able to pull it out safely.

“Snake in family’s air con!” he captioned the post. “This turned into quite a tricky job and required a second visit to catch this cheeky brown tree snake. I nearly got the snake out first time, however I only had it by the tail and couldn’t simply pull it out as it would have injured the snake. The second time worked a treat and I was able to relocate the snake back into the bush.”

The video, posted by Stu on social media, has received plenty of attention from Facebook users, with one writing: “Cheeky ‘snakey’ snake, he wasn’t keen to leave his ‘hidey’ hole. Great job getting him out safely.”

Another added: “Omg, snakes can hide anywhere.” While a third said: “That’s a chilling video.”

It’s not the first time a snake has found itself in an unusual hiding spot like an air conditioner unit. Back in 2019, a Victorian couple were given the ultimate fright as they awoke to find a deadly tiger snake hanging from the air conditioner in their bedroom. Natalie Marcok and her partner were left in absolute horror when they spotted one of Australia’s most venomous snakes just metres from them.

Quickly calling in a snake catcher for help, the couple watched on in shock as Stewart Gatt, or more commonly known as Stewy the snake catcher, removed the reptile from the unit.

According to the Herald Sun it took around 30 minutes for Stewart to entice the snake away from the air conditioner, using a hook to grab its slippery tail.

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Have you spotted a snake in an unusual hiding spot before?

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