Hot new caravan trend making grey nomadding easy and affordable

May 16, 2021
Hitting the great open road just got a whole lot easier. Source: Getty

Many think of caravanning as a budget travel alternative, but anyone who’s looked seriously into purchasing a ‘rolling palace’ knows only too well how costly they can be.

And unfortunately, the pandemic has only made it harder to secure your dream holiday van, with prices skyrocketing over the past year due to an increased demand for domestic travel while the coronavirus pandemic keeps international borders closed.

Recent insights show caravanning and camping is currently the most popular holiday type for Australians, accounting for 44 per cent of all holiday nights across Australia.

But your dream grey nomad life might just be more feasible than you think, with a new Aussie company offering a solution — provided you’re prepared to share.

The Caravan Partnership provides Aussies with the opportunity to co-own a caravan and reap all the benefits of the grey nomad lifestyle without having to outlay a huge cost.

Roni Ormandlaki, who founded The Caravan Partnership, wanted to make caravanning accessible to everyone, no matter their budgets, time constraints or lifestyle. Roni said on average, despite all best intentions caravans are only used for only six weeks of the year on average.

While working in boat maintenance for vessels owned by boat-share companies, Roni was inspired to create a business that would disrupt the traditional caravanning industry and remove the responsibility and minimise costs associated with owning a caravan.

“I thought, why not apply the very popular and proven concept of boat share to the caravanning industry,” he said.

“By having the option to buy into a share of a caravan it would allow even more Australians to gain access to this wonderful way to experience Australia, without the expense and hassle of buying and being responsible a caravan outright.”

The Caravan Partnership system allows an individual to purchase as little as 10 per cent ownership of a new and luxurious fully maintained caravan — meaning your outlay could be under $5,000. With your 10 per cent share, you can use the online booking system to book the caravan 35 days a year. You can also book unlimited standby days, which allow you to take the caravan out for a spur-of-the-moment trip if no one else in your group is using it at the time.

If 35 days doesn’t seem like enough to explore the great open road – you can purchase more shares to give you more days.

The company estimates the caravan share system could save you up to $30,000 in initial costs, plus it takes away the stress of having to fix mechanical issues, maintenance and storage concerns. The caravans on offer are all top notch too, with your own Nespresso coffee machine, Weber BBQ, linen, bedding and camping gear providing you everything you need to hit the road.

All you need to think about is your destination!

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