There’s an app for that: 9 essential apps for over-60s

May 23, 2021
Find the apps you need to make life easier. Source: Getty

These days, there is an app for pretty much everything you can think of, but some are far more helpful than others. From finding lost cars and phones to remembering which tablet to take when and identifying that great new song on the radio. These are the apps that’ll make life easier, more fun, and save you some money in the process.


A great tune comes on the radio, you know you recognise it but can’t remember the name for the life of you! That’s where Shazam comes in. This handy music app allows you to record a few seconds of the song as it plays and then scours the web to find out the artist and name, plus it links to other music-listening apps like Spotify and YouTube so you can save the song for later. Shazam is available on Apple here and Android here.

E-reading and Audiobooks

While there’s nothing quite like the feel and smell of an actual book, you can’t always carry a stack of them with you when heading on holiday so it can be useful to have an e-reading or audiobook app. While you might not want to forgo books for good, these apps can save you a whole lot of packing space in your suitcase and are handy to have when you’re travelling on public transport and want pass the time with an entertaining story. Try the Kindle or Audible apps, both available on Apple and Android.

Hiring tradies

There are a lot of apps that can save you money through things like budgeting or comparing services. One handy app, which can help you ensure tradies aren’t overcharging and help connect you with skilled professionals, is the Airtasker app. Simple and easy-to-use, the app allows you to search for skilled people to complete jobs across a whole range of categories.

Whether you need someone to repaint your verandah, fix a leaking tap, move furniture or even clean your house, you simply need to list the task you need help with and how much you’d like to spend. Interested workers can then respond to your listing and offer their services for an agreed fee.

On the flip side, if you’ve got a skill you think others may want to employ, you can search Airtasker for opportunities to offer your services in return for extra cash. Find Airtasker for Apple here and Android here.

Magnifying glass and torch

Most phones come with a built-in torch but you can also download a range of magnifying glass apps, which can help make life easier when people insist on using tiny fonts. Try the Magnifying Glass and Flashlight app for Apple here or for Android here.

Decluttering apps

If your phone looks anything like mine, you’ve probably got thousands of photos that you’ve been putting off sorting out. While most you want to keep, quite often there are blurred, accidental or even double-up photos that are taking up unnecessary space. There are a range of de-cluttering apps on the market that will scan through the photos and delete any unnecessary pics. Many are free but make sure you double check there are no in-app purchases required before you download.

Medication tracker

It can be hard to remember exactly when you’re supposed to take each of your medications, particularly if they’re specifically meant to be taken with or without food, or at different times throughout the day. Medication trackers or reminders are one of the best ways to stay on top of it all. Simply add in the details of the medication and when you’re supposed to take it and the app will send you helpful reminders to make sure you never miss a dose again. Try Medisafe Pill Reminder for Apple here or Medication Reminder for Android here.

Car-finding app

With shopping centre car parks getting larger and more labyrinth-like every year, it’s all too easy to forget whether you parked on green level 4 or blue level 4.  Thanks to a new feature on Google Maps, once you’re done navigating somewhere it will label your parking location ‘You parked near here’, so you’ll never lose your car again!

Find my device

So many of us have felt that feeling of dread when you realise your mobile phone isn’t where you thought it was. Did you leave it at home, or in the car? Or has someone stolen it? The Find my iPhone app for Apple devices or Find my Device app for Android devices means you can log on to a computer and view a map that pinpoints the location of your phone. You do need to set up the app and account before you lose the phone though, so don’t put it off!


Developed by ​Australia’s emergency services and industry partners, this free app is essential to have on your mobile. A bit like insurance, you hope you’ll never need it but when you do, it’s nice to know it’s there! The application works across the country and uses the phone’s GPS feature to help triple zero callers provide critical location details in case you’re unable to. The quicker a location is established, the sooner the emergency services can reach you, making it a vital app to have on your mobile. Find it for Apple here and for Android here.

Did we miss any that you think are essentials? What's your favourite app?

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