Unlock the ultimate sleep experience with this ingenious pillow hack 

Jul 07, 2023
A mum has shared her secret to getting fluffy pillows. Source: Getty

There’s really nothing better than climbing into bed after a busy day, wrapping yourself up in cosy blankets and resting your head on a comfy pillow – especially during the cold winter months. But, if your pillows are feeling hard and lumpy, it’s unlikely you’ll get a restful night’s sleep.

So, how do you solve this problem, without ruining your pillows? Thankfully there is a solution to this dilemma – and it was shared by a mum this week on social media. The woman, who goes by the username Mama Mila, took to popular platform TikTok to share her secret trick, with just four simple steps to follow.

She said you need to wash your pillows every three to six months to ensure you’re not exposed to any nasties – but you have to be careful, because ‘clumping’ can occur when you place them in the washing machine. But, surprisingly a tennis ball and sock can help!

“Pillows can breed bacteria and dust. Washing them every three to six months is important for your skin and health,” Mila wrote on the post. “[The] Majority can be washed in the machine. Wash two at a time in warm water with liquid detergent. Powder detergent may leave a ‘film’.


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“Add two drops of eucalyptus oil to kill any dust mites. Dry in shade until nearly dry. Place in dryer with a dryer ball or tennis ball inside a sock for five minutes. This helps fluff the pillow and avoids ‘bunching’.”

The video has since been viewed thousands of times, while many have shared their own experiences washing pillows, and provided further tips for those wanting to make them fluffy.

“Don’t forget to read the tag for washing instructions,” one person commented. “All my polyester pillows can’t be washed with warm water – tag says cold water and gentle cycle.”

“You can use pillow protectors and wash them, not all pillows can be washed,” another said. While a third wrote: “I added eucalyptus oil to my last wash and it smelled amazing.”

Meanwhile, if it’s fluffy towels you’re after Mila also has the solution. Also taking to Tik Tok to share her secret hack, she promised followers they can “say goodbye to stiff, crusty towels”.

“Level up your self care routine with spa-worthy towels at home,” her post read. “This is the secret to getting fresh, fluffy towels at home.”


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According to Mila, the trick starts with setting your washing machine to between 40 and 60 degrees celsius. Then, you throw your towels in and add liquid detergent along with half a cup of plain white vinegar instead of the usual fabric softener.

“Do the wash as normal, shake the towels and let them air dry when they come out until nearly dry,” she wrote.”Then, tumble dry them for just a few minutes until they are completely dry. This will help with the softness and absorbency.”

Mila explained that the reason why vinegar works so well as a substitute to fabric softener is that it “breaks down the residue from detergents leaving the towels soft and fresh”.

This article was originally published on July, 21, 2020 and has been updated on July 7, 2023.

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