How you can incorporate your pearls in everyday wear

Dec 31, 2019
Simple tips so you can wear your pearls every day of your life, regardless of the occasion. Source: Getty Images

There’s no doubt you put a lot of time and effort into what you’re going to wear on a daily basis. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to look good, which is why adding a pearl can help!

Pearls have a classic elegance about them. You wear them and you instantly feel sophisticated. Whether you’re popping to a meeting, attending a family wedding, running errands or going out for dinner, pearls make the most graceful accessory. When you wear them with your everyday attire, it can seem more fashionable.

Finding the right pearl for you

Getting to know your pearls is the first step in ensuring your don’t look outdated when it comes to wearing them. Pearls come in lots of colours, tones and shades including black, grey, lavender, pink and white. You want to build your outfit around the lustre and colour of the pearl e.g. you won’t be wanting to pair your shiny pearls with a casual outfit because chances are it’ll stand out too much. You also want to make sure that the colour of your pearls matches the tone of your skin, hair and eyes.

Light hair and skin tones match well with pink pearl necklaces. Lavender pink pearls will look better on a woman with dark hair and skin tones. Traditional white pearls work with all manner of skin tones, hair colours and fashion choices. While black pearls, which have a similar versatility to white, are rarely worn outside of more formal occasions.

Wear your pearls for work or play

If you still go to work and your job requires more formal attire, consider wearing a short, single strand of white pearls in combination with your jacket, buttoned shirt or blouse. Stud pearl earrings can go with any work attire (but you mightn’t want to pair your earrings and your necklace for fear of ‘overdoing it’).

For day-to-day activities, such as going to the shops, catching up with friends or running errands, you can wear double-stranded pearls. These go especially well with sporty outfits (think jeans, sneakers, jackets or cardigans). Double-stranded pearls work well so long as your outfit isn’t ‘smart casual’. You can wear coloured pearls with daytime outfits. You can also wear chunky pearls or layer different strands of pearls.

When it comes to day wear, it’s best not to wear your pearl earrings, necklaces or bracelets together. You’ll look overdressed.

If you’ve got a black-tie or formal evening event, keep it simple and you will look elegant. If you pair your pearl string with your little black dress you’ll have a timeless and classy look. You can also wear multiple strands of coloured pearls to create a dramatic evening look. You can wear earrings, necklace and bracelets in combination if wearing your pearls at night, this will enhance your look.

What was once an item of jewellery reserved for the elite or only worn on special occasions is now something that has benefited from a shift in cultural trends. It’s time to wear your pearls.

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When do you wear your peals?

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