Wacky New-Age Christmas tree fads Aussies are obsessing over

Dec 05, 2020
The succulent Christmas tree is just one of many alternative trees making the cut this year. Source: Marion Brown/Facebook.

Anything can be considered a Christmas tree these days – so long as it has a star on top. And lately the traditional tree has started to be replaced in homes all over the country with creative New-Age versions that can often be made at home rather than bought in a store.

The latest fad to hit Aussie living rooms is the intricate DIY succulent tree, which might take a while to perfect but definitely ends up stealing the spotlight due to how incredible the end product looks.

One Aussie mum posted her efforts to Facebook recently, saying that the insane crafting challenge took her a whole weekend to get right. “Make a succulent Christmas tree they said,” she wrote. “It will be fun they said! A whole weekend later … Still, pretty happy with the end result (won’t be doing that again anytime soon though!)”

This stunning succulent tree took the Aussie mum a whole weekend to perfect. Source: Marion Brown/Facebook.

The elaborate decoration required a tree shell from Kmart as well as some compost and moss to ensure the succulents stayed in place. Then, once finished, the mum topped it off with a star and spread a few fairy lights around to give it that golden Christmas glow.

Commenters raved about the stunning tree, with one writing: “Bloody flash your gardening skills”. While another joked: “That’s very cool! I love it. This weekend I gained blisters. You have something much nicer than I do! Lol”.

But these succulent trees aren’t the only DIY Christmas trend going around. In fact, making your own tree has become the new thing, with people getting creative with everything from driftwood to pine cones.


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The driftwood or stick hanging tree has recently soared in popularity thanks to how easy it is to make. You just need the right tools and string that is strong enough to hold it all together. The end product looks fantastic and the low-maintenance decorative piece still has plenty of festive spirit about it.

Meanwhile, people have also turned to collecting pine cones to make Christmas table fillers. And, again, these natural decorations are so incredibly easy, as all you have to do is pot the pine cone and spray it with ‘snow’ or throw on some tinsel for a bit of holiday sparkle.


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Like the hanging driftwood Christmas tree, people have started turning to other flat, compact options that can act more as a wall hanging rather than a stand-alone decoration. This means the Christmas tree is not only less maintenance when it comes to cleaning up around the house, but it also won’t take up as much room and will open up the space rather than adding to the dreaded Christmas decoration clutter.


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These simple DIY wall-hanging options include marking the outline of a Christmas tree with fairy lights or even just taping tinsel to the wall in a winding fashion to create the illusion of a tree without all the hassle of setting one up.

Do you think these New-Age Christmas trees look good? Or do you prefer the traditional version? What's your favourite festive craft?

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