Vass Garden Caddy & Vass Wall Bracket

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This brand new Aussie invention is designed to sit over your green garden waste wheelie bin so that you can conveniently cart everything around the garden with you and put those garden hand tools somewhere where you cannot possibly lose them !

And a great way to store your Vass Garden Tool Caddy when your all done with your gardening, Simply remove your Vass Garden Caddy from your garden waste wheelie bin and without removing any of your gardening tools and place your Vass garden tool Caddy on the Vass Caddy Wall Bracket knowing where they will be when you need them next time you do your gardening. 12 month warranty conditions apply. The Vass Garden Caddy is the latest development in garden convenience, never misplace your favourite garden tools again Introducing the new Aussie invention to make your gardening ventures a breeze.


The Vass Garden Tool Caddy is designed to store and carry garden tools and supplies with the aid of Australian domestic green waste wheelie bins to make it easier to keep garden tools and supplies organised for easy access.


The Vass Garden Tool Caddy is RECYCLABLE and made from a sturdy plastic material.

How It Works

The Vass Garden Tool Caddy can be placed on the Front outer rim of a 120 lt or 240 lt

Garden Waste Wheelie bin with a cleverly designed outer support arm. The arm slides over the lip of your garden waste wheelie bin allowing access for garden waste to be thrown in the bin without any obstructions. There are a number of container compartments and slots to house various tools and supplies on the Caddy making for an easy gardening experience.

The Caddy is able to hold:

Blade Hedge Trimmers , Tree Loppers, Hand Held Garden Spade, Hand Rake, Garden Gloves, Sun Glasses, Mobile Phone, Garden Twine, Ball of String, Packet Of Seeds, Insect Spray Bottle, Drinking Water Bottle, Screwdrivers, Garden Spike, Secateurs, Grass Shears, Floral Snips & Scissors , Pliers and so much more!

**Please note: tools, accessories and screws for the bracket NOT included**

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Vass Garden Caddy




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