Traditional Aussie Essentials Trio



Bring the aromas of Australia inside with a trio of some of the most infamous, locally-sourced essential oils, harvested, distilled and bottled right here in Australia.



Bring the aromas of Australia inside with a trio of some of the most infamous, locally-sourced essential oils, harvested, distilled and bottled right here in Australia.

The Traditional Aussie Essentials Trio includes the following:

  • 1 x Eucalyptus Essential Oil Blend (10ml)
  • 1 x Lemon Myrtle Essential Oil (10ml)
  • 1 x Tasmanian Lavender Essential Oil (10ml)

These beautifully aromatic oils have a diverse range of properties and uses that assist with respiratory issues, protecting against unwanted germs in the household while instilling peace and calm.

Use on their own, or create your own DIY Australian Blends.

Discover the untamed wilderness and fresh outdoors of Australia with every inhalation.



✓ Single Origin Essential Oil
✓ 100% Pure & Clean
✓ Sustainably and Ethically Sourced
✓ Organically Grown
✓ Proudly Australian Owned
✓ Vegan and Cruelty Free
✓ GC/MS Tested
✓ No Synthetics, Fillers or Additives
✓ For General Health and Wellbeing
✓ 25+ Years Industry Experience



– Add 1-2 drops of Lemon Myrtle to an aroma diffuser to freshen the atmosphere and promote a feeling of general wellbeing.
– Keep your surfaces clean with the cleansing benefits of Eucalyptus oil in all-purpose cleaning spray.
– With its natural antimicrobial properties, make a steam inhaler with a few drops of Tasmanian Lavender, open your breath and ease seasonal sniffles.
– Make your shower experience even more relaxing by placing a few drops of Eucalyptus, Lemon Myrtle or Tasmanian Lavender on the shower floor, for an invigorating steam diffusion.

WARNINGS: For external use only. Dilute before use. Keep out of reach of children. Avoid contact with eyes. These safety guidelines are not a complete safety reference for the proper use of essential oils. When in doubt, consult your physician and/or a qualified and trained aromatherapy practitioner.

STORAGE: Store below 30°C in a dry place away from direct sunlight.



Eucalyptus Essential Oil (Eucalyptus polybractea): Like a breath of fresh air, Eucalyptus is Clean and cleansing, It has powerful antiseptic properties and offers many topical and aromatic benefits. The extremely versatile Australian Native is loved for its fresh, pungent aroma and purifying properties.

Lemon Myrtle Essential Oil (Backhousia citriodora): Lemon Myrtle has a clean, sweet lemon aroma that is cherished for its uplifting benefits. Known to promote feelings of positivity, clarity and calm, it may help clear the mind and assist concentration. This energising essential oil is also widely recognised for its potent antibacterial and antiseptic properties.

Tasmanian Lavender Essential Oil (Lavandula angustifolia): Known for its stress-relieving properties, Tasmanian Lavender gifts us with an exquisitely  floral, herbaceous aroma, with balsamic undertones. Steam distilled from the flower, it is the ultimate oil for rest and reflection. You can use Tasmanian Lavender as you would traditional French Lavender, with its relaxing and calming benefits.

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