Flavours of Middle East Spice Value Pack


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Journey through the ancient Silk Road with this unique selection of Middle Eastern flavours. Add an exotic touch to your every day cooking.


In this bundle, you will receive a range of clean spices blended in Australia from whole high quality spices. We refrain from using fillers, anti-caking agents, or excessive salt. There is no onion or garlic in any of the spices and we use organic and whole spices wherever possible. You will be able to easily use each and every of these spices in your everyday cooking because they are versatile and balance. You can sprinkle them on or cook with them.


Our Date Vinegar is rich and tangy similar to balsamic vinegar and can be used on a salads or marinades.


Our Date Syrup is perfect for drizzling over cereal, desserts, or yoghurt. Use it in your cooking and baking and a healthy subtitute to sugar or honey.


The box will include:

5 x Best Seller Spices:

  • Persian Aromatic Rice Spice – Stir through a teaspoon with steaming rice or add to your cakes, sweets, and biscuits.
  • Ras El Hanout – Morocco Express – A warm and aromatic spice with a hint of chili. Add to any stew, or stir fry or use as a meat rub
  • Za’atar (contains sesame seeds) – A blend of aromatic herbs that adds freshness and aroma to your salads, dips, yoghurt.
  • Dukkah Nut Free  (contains sesame seeds) – A unique blend of spices perfect on salads, avocado, eggs. Or add to your stir-fries as a delicious base spice.
  • Kebab Spice Blend – Persians are famous for kebabs. Use this umami blend on your veggie stir-fries or on steak, bbq, marinades

1 x Pure Date Vinegar

1 x Pure Date Syrup

e-Cookbook to give you plenty of ideas



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