Riding with Roy


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Sinclair Currie

This book could save your life, or at the very least steer you towards a healthier, more enjoyable existence. It is a book where the extreme informs the ordinary — where one man’s ‘out there’ vision of aging might help you frame a better pathway to old age.

Humorous short stories chronicling the misadventures of old men riding mountain bikes are interspersed with information on the positive changes experienced by the human body during exercise. It explains in easy to understand terms, what causes heart disease, what exercise does to the inner workings of your heart, and why a sedentary lifestyle is a deadly choice. Written to entertain and inform, this book argues that physical activity is the key to longevity and an improved quality of life as we age.

Mostly, though, it’s about the strange and wonderful things that happened when I went riding with Roy.

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Boolarong Press

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