Raw Summer Honey – Kwongan (400g)


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Kwongan Raw Summer Honey is dominated by banksia. The honey is sunset coloured with a hint of sweet citrus.

The Kwongan Honey Apiary is located on Dillon Bay Estate – 400 hectares of native bushland in the beautiful coastal area of Bremer Bay with the wild Southern Ocean to the south and the pristine Fitzgerald River National Park to the east. The National Park supports a rich variety of native plants and is internationally recognised as a globally significant biodiversity hotspot.

Kwongan Honey is raw and seasonal – each season has a dominant range of Kwongan plants as the bees main source of nectar, this results in you getting a pure honey with a unique and ever changing flavour.

It has been identified as one of only 25 global hotspots for its diversity of wildlife and plants making it one of the most important reserves and ecosystems for conservation in Australia. Approximately 80% of the regions 7,239 species are found nowhere else in the World.

The word “Kwongan” (or “kwongkan”) comes from the Noongar Aboriginal word for sand plain, and is now used by botanists and ecologists to describe this specific community of vegetation.


Pure Western Australian honey
Made in Western Australia (this honey is 100% sourced from Dillon Bay Estate)


Brand: Kwongan Honey
Packaging: Glass
Region: Western Australia
Varietal: Multi Floral
Processing: Raw
Size: 400g

Weight 1 kg

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