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Prevents excessive foot perspiration and eliminates foot odor. Helps prevent foot infections eg: Tinea Pedis. Improves foot hygiene. Improves foot comfort. Formulated by New Zealand Doctors. Simple to use and safe for the whole family.

Developed by doctors, Neat Feat Roll-on has been medically formulated to prevent sweaty feet and foot odor. Applying Neat Feat Roll-On or Neat Feat Shoe Powder to the feet on a daily basis will reduce the amount of foot perspiration within the shoe, therefore reducing an environment for fungus to grow in.


Applying Neat Feat Roll-On to the feet on a daily basis will reduce the amount of foot perspiration within the shoe and help prevent the environment for fungus to grow.


Did you know that your feet can sweat up to 2 cups a day? Yes – it’s just as much as it sounds. Take back control with the world’s first roll-on antiperspirant deodorant – for your feet! This doctor-developed roll-on deodorant prevents excess foot perspiration and embarrassing odours through the power of science.

  • Fight excess foot perspiration with confidence
  • May support the prevention of foot infections, like Tines Pedis
  • Roll-on is the most effective way to apply a foot deodorizing product
  • Use daily for best results

Sweaty feet can be incredibly embarrassing – but thankfully, it doesn’t have to be this way. This convenient roll-on foot deodorant offers proven efficacy in sweaty feet, fighting odours while make sure fungi have nowhere to grow. Formulated by leading New Zealand doctors, this potent formulation eliminates shoe odours daily. Apply AM and PM for optimal results, and your future self will thank you for years to come. It’s as easy as rolling your deodorant onto the soles of your feet and rubbing them together. Stay diligent, and you’ll notice a permanent reduction in that strange smell in your shoes! Confidently reduce the amount of foot perspiration while improving your overall foot hygiene. Most importantly for you, you can take your shoes off around others without turning 50 shades of tomato. Click here to see what our happiest customers have to say about the Neat Feat roll-on foot deodorant, and add it to your cart today to experience the difference for yourself. Headed to your local pharmacy soon? Find us in the deodorant aisle today. Worldwide shipping available!

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