Footcare Intro Bundle



We understand the importance of taking care of your feet on a regular basis. Our footcare and prevention bundle is designed to protect and moisturise your feet. Our Glucology Diabetic socks are infused with copper yarn to protect your feet with broad-spectrum anti-microbial efficacy and skin enhancement properties. Diabalm is the specialised cream for dry and cracked feet that contains naturally occurring urea in a highly concentrated and thick emollient to keep your feet hydrated and healthy and prevent dry, cracked heels. 


  • 1x Glucology Diabetic Copper Socks
  • 1x Dia Balm Foot Care Cream

Glucology Diabetic Socks Features

  • Comfortable, soft and non-binding easy to pull on with loose-fitting tops and are not tight around your feet or ankles to ensure they won’t cut into your skin
  • Moisture-wicking and a hypoallergenic blend of fabrics to draw away sweat and moisture to keep skin dry and comfortable
  • Extra padding in the toes and heels, but not extra big due to a carefully contoured material to maintain shoe size 

Dia Balm Foot Care Cream Features

  • Fast-acting diabalm with results being seen in as little as 1-day!
  • Triple hydrating action promoting re-uptake of water through the skin
  • Extra concentrated with 25% Urea creating a thick formula without being greasy or watery
Weight N/A

IBD Medical Trading Pty Ltd

Sock Colour

Black, Grey, White

Size Mens and Womens

Mens 11.5-15/ Womens 12.5-16, Mens 4-7/ Womens 5-8, Mens 7.5-9/ Womens 8.5-10, Mens 9.5-11/ Womens 10.5-12

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