Emerging from the Shadows


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by Graham Smith

The 1950s was a pivotal period in Australia’s and Queensland’s history. The previous decade had endured world-wide war, while the 1960s were to see man land on the moon, the coming of computers, and the beginning of the sexual revolution. The intervening years bridged the gap between these decades and laid the groundwork for the far-reaching social changes to come.
In this book Graham Smith describes living through the 1950s as he takes the reader with him on a journey from primary school, through high school and on to university. On the one hand, it was the time of National Service in the armed forces when young men grew up quickly and, on the other, of university parades and pranks when student humour cast a keen eye on society’s foibles, all against the backdrop of political turmoil.
The author’s camera was his constant companion during this period and the book includes many contemporary photographs not previously published.

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